Training Facilities

Offices and spaces for incredible trainings

Innovation Centre Kosovo is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, to support entrepreneurship, innovation and commercially based business development, with a focus on technology information and communication technology in Kosovo.

☆  Events area

  • First class event facilities
  • Ability to host up to 120 participants in different scenarios
  • Free WiFi and Fully Air-Conditioned
  • Dedicated to ensure your event runs smoothly
  • Quality Acoustics
  • Appropriate lightning / Day-lightning
  • Comfort and Aesthetics
  • Good sight-lines
  • Thermal Comfort and Ventilation
  • Projector & White board

☆  Training room

  • Technologically - advanced learning environment
  • Multi - purpose large, medium and small size training room
  • Ability to accommodate up to 30 participants
  • Designed for lecture style instruction
  • Quality Acoustics
  • Appropriate lightning / Day-lightning
  • Comfort and Aesthetics
  • Thermal comfort & Ventilation
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Projector & White board

☆  Presentation Room

Launching a product or service requires much more than a press conference and marketing across different channels. Having the opportunity to talk directly to potential costumers is a unique way to present what you want and explain hands-on to the client’s requirements.

  • Dedicated for product / service launch
  • Dedicated to target young and innovative people
  • Equipped with LED TV (Projector and PC if necessary)
  • Free WiFi and Fully Air-conditioned

☆  Meeting room

  • Roof-top and first-class Meeting-Room
  • Feature WiFi connectivity and the latest hardware and software
  • Meeting Room can accommodate up to 15 people in different scenarios
  • White Board and LED TV

☆  Co-working space

Are you looking for a creative environment to get the job done?

ICK is a pioneer in introducing it to Kosovo, and for us - co-working is all about mobility and flexibility, where variety has plenty of space to roam and explore.

We have a variety of work-space to sit down, work and relax while being productive.

Co-working includes meeting room, WiFi, Private Office, Sitting Area, Printer / Copier / Scanner, Coffe, Water cooler & fridge and PO Box.

☆  Rooftop view

Enjoy while meeting!

View Rooftop is the perfect special event venue for amazing corporate events, client entertainment, alumni functions, social gatherings, milestone celebrations, sales meetings, product launches or team building activities.

☆  Contact us
049 / 765 567
twitter: @Ickosovo

☆  Why renting ICK?

  1. Increased Productivity - allow your team to be free from interruptions and help them to focus by providing facilities that is conducive to training
  2. Full attention guaranteed - no interruptions
  3. Valued staff is loyal staff - use off-site facilities as a perk
  4. Relaxation increases brain activity - a scientific study published in the American Scientific Mind says relaxation creates better thinking
  5. It may be just what you need - getting away from the work environment


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