Video Editing Training

Learn to edit professional-quality videos from top-rated Instructors. ICK will help you create design and edit video material.


Application Deadline

• September 23, 2022
• The course will start on September 24, 2022


• Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 – 14:00. • 8 hours per week* 2 times per week* in a total of 72 hours.

The tremendous technological development and especially the hasty progress in the use of social media has made video an inevitable medium of this dynamic life.

Different video formats preferred by a various number of networks as well as organizing these videos to focus on the message you want to deliver requires a more professional treatment and more professional tools. Besides that, the necessity of the audio in a beautiful video is something that cannot be ignored, so combining both would give a great result to your project.

For 72 hours you can gain the basic knowledge and skills for editing a video for your needs using the right software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Who is this course for?

This Video Editing Fundamentals training course is designed for those who need to use video editing software like Premiere Pro professionally. No previous experience on such software or digital video is required. Those with previous digital video experience but no formal training will also benefit from this course, as it provides a solid foundation for working efficiently with digital video.

Why to attend this course?

This course will open the doors to the professional video world. Endless possibilities of video editing can give the opportunity to perform miracles with limitless video effects that Adobe Premiere Pro CC offers. Exponential development of the technology that is nowadays is very much focused on video broadcast could make video editing your professions of the future. To enter the global market of video broadcast like YouTube, VIMEO, Facebook, InstaTV, etc. all you will need is a laptop and your gained skill.

What will be learned?

• Learn digital video basics: the foundations for capturing and editing video

• Understand the Premiere Pro tools, timeline, and workspace

• Learn to edit clips in Premiere Pro

• Discover how to apply titles and work with imported graphics in Premiere Pro

• Learn to use Premiere Pro to work with green screen footage

• Find out how to apply effects within Premiere Pro

• Understand the audio editing controls of Premiere Pro

• Learn to export video from Premiere Pro for your specific needs

Projects included in this course

• Still Images in motion Video editing

• Promo video editing

• Music Video

Learning Methodology

• Theory

• Demonstration

• Practice

Classes are computer-based, with presentations given by a main projector, where the trainer will do most of the explaining. Then there will be lots of discussions, and of course, a lot of hands-on work for the students.

Course goals

Demonstrate a complete understanding of the nature of the video as well as the audio. Get to know and combine video frames logically. Use technologies such as Adobe Premiere Pro as well as assisting with family programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Audition. Students will learn to demonstrate positive behaviour at work. Students will learn to solve problems using critical thinking.

Course Pre-requisites

17 years of age or older

Certification / Completion

Minimum Criteria

• Course Attendance: 80%

• Projects: 20%

Muhidin Xhezairi | Instructor

Muhidin XHEZAIRI is an experienced video editor, having been actively involved in video production industry for over two decades. He has cooperated with many local media houses, creating and developing multimedia content for news, documentaries, advertisement, etc. His expertise in video production includes all phases: recording, assembling recorded raw material, editing, post-processing and production of a finished product for broadcasting.
He is also an outstanding photographer as well as a professional camera operator. He has earned MBA degree from The University of Sheffield with a concentration in Marketing.