Game Development and Design Training

Game Development begins with a spark, a passion for this medium that we love to consume but few of us take it upon ourselves to start creating.


Application Deadline

● April 22, 2019
● The course starts on April 23, 2019


● Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 09:00 – 11:00 ● 6 hours per week* 3 times per week* in a total of 48 hours
Course Description

It isn’t your typical classes nor lectures. Making games is one of the most creatively intense jobs out there – many are aware of a few of the cogs that keep the grand machines running, most are not able to put them all together into one coherent, immersive, expandable experience that people love to play and you could be proud to have built. 


Game Development begins with a spark, a passion for this medium that we love to consume but few of us take it upon ourselves to start creating. Throughout three months, we will break apart what truly goes into developing a game, not only technically but also mechanically and creatively. What does it take to create these thorough experiences as a solo developer, as a team of two, three? How can we make use of resources to squeeze the best out of today’s industry into making our games the best they can be? And the most important question of all: where does it all begin? 


As gamers we learn best by doing. That key element lies at the core of this course: there isn’t a single class where we won’t be thinking and doing design, sculpting and building experiences, honing our craft as creators in one of the most powerful mediums in the world of technology. At the end of the course, you will have in your portfolio at least six (6) prototypes ready to jump through development hoops and start your own journey as game developers or show off to your future employee as hard-earned skills. Whether an artist, programmer, or designer, if you are ready to bring your experience to life, sign up and let’s game it up together

What is the strength of this course?

• Learning by doing –work individually and in teams to develop playable game experiences

• Learn how to think and work like a professional game designer/developer

• Learn how to acquire and perfect industry-relevant skills

• Experience game development process in a controlled, fast-paced environment

Game Design Essentials

• Course Introduction

• Introduction to Game Design

• Game Features and Mechanics


…But what’s the Hook? Game Theme and Mood

Prototyping in Unity

• Essentials in Prototyping Games

• From Paper to Prototyping – Unity Introduction

• Basic How-Tos of Game Development

• Developing Games in Unity

Rapid Prototyping

• Develop your Prototype – One Week each, Team of One (2x Solo Prototypes)

• Develop your Prototype – Two Weeks each, Team of Two (2x Team Prototypes)

• Develop your Prototype – Two Weeks each, Team of Three (2x Team Prototypes)

• [+6 Games in Your Portfolio] 


Game Releases

• Prototyping to MVPs

• MVP to Alpha to Beta to Release 

• When to hit Play – Releasing to Multiple Platforms (iOS, Android, Steam, Indie Platforms)

The Target Audience

• Game Design Documentation

• Constraints = Creativity 

• Exploring Game Genre

• Immersion

• Playtesting


• Knowledge of Games 

• Passion for playing games

• Passion and/or experience building games

• Understand game development as a career

• Consider yourself an artist, programmer or designer of experiences

• Basic English knowledge (Read, Write, Listen)

• 16+ years old

• Be adaptable, accepting, open-minded


[Pluses] Prior Unity, Game Engine and/or programming knowledge/experience

Agnesa Belegu | Instructor

Agnesa is a passionate game designer and developer, specializing in system design currently acting as a Creative Director for BlueSockStudios. Having completed her master studies in Game Development in UCF’s FIEA Academy with a strong background on Computer Science, she worked on EA Sports’ NBA Live 2018 with the EA Tiburon team. Coming back to Kosovo to contribute to the local gaming industry, she and her team at ZombieSoup L.L.C. released multiple small to medium-scale games built for VR, mobile and PC platforms. Now, Agnesa continues to work in the gaming industry locally and internationally, with the mission of laying the grounds of this industry in Kosovo.