Social Media Marketing

This course is designed to help you manage your online presence within all social media platforms.


Application Deadline

February 11, 2024
The course starts on February 12, 2024


Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 18:00 – 20:00
Course Duration

32 hours / 3 days per week / 2 hours per day / 5 weeks

Module 1:

Intro to Social Media Marketing

Module 2:

Target Persona Creation & Content Types

Module 3:

Market Research & Page Setup

Module 4:

Organic Strategy - Content Calendar

Module 5:

Organic Strategy - Design Creation

Module 6:

Organic Strategy - Copywriting

Module 7:

TikTok & Reels Content Creation

Module 8:

Organic Strategy - Publishing Tools

Module 9:

Intro to Business Manager & Ads Funnel

Module 10:

Campaign Objective (Performance Goal) & Intro to Ads Manager

Module 11:

Audiences & Campaign Launch

Module 11:

Audiences & Campaign Launch

Module 12:

Commerce Manager & Events Manager

Module 13:

Funnel Implementation

Module 14:

AI in Content Creation & Targeting

Module 15:

Ads Analytics

Module 16:


Certification / Completion

Minimum Criteria:

1. Course Attendance - 80%

2. Final Project / Exam - 20%

Aurora Kingji | Instructor

Aurora has been with Growzillas for over two years now. She started her Digital Marketing journey as a copywriter but quickly advanced in her career, now managing the company’s international clients. Alongside this advancement, she has also been involved with training in collaboration with multiple partners such as ICK, Jungle Kosovo, USAID, Manifesta, Dokufest, OSCE, Kosovo Youth Council, etc. Together with Growzillas, she has trained and certified hundreds of people in the Digital Marketing field.

Benjamin Kolenovic | Instructor

Benjamin is CEO & Founder of Growzillas. He is a digital marketing expert with +7 years in Digital Marketing.

He worked and gained his experience in various local and international companies including H&M sub-brand Ivyrevel, as the most prominent brand, where he served as Digital Marketing Consultant. As of 2018, Benjamin started sharing his experience by lecturing on Digital Marketing in multiple prominent local institutions, having certified +250 people so far.

Erisa Maqani | Instructor

Erisa is an experienced and enthusiastic digital marketer who has made her mark in the industry. Prior to joining Growzillas, Erisa worked at several digital marketing agencies in Kosovo, where she honed her skills and gained valuable experience. Her area of expertise lies in creating digital marketing strategies that deliver results. Currently, Erisa is leading the Social Media Advertising Department at Growzillas, where she oversees the creation and execution of effective social media campaigns for clients. She is also an experienced digital marketing trainer and shares her knowledge on Social Media strategy structure creation through training programs.