Social Media Marketing Training

Social Media Marketing Training

21 November 2022 — 21 December 2022

Business / Sales Skills

This course is designed to help you manage your online presence within all social media platforms.

Price 230 Euro (20% discount for student)
Application deadline November 20
(This course has ended)

Course Details

☆  Schedule

42 Hours* 3 days in a week/ 3 hours per day / 5 Weeks

Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 18:00 - 21:00

This course will start on November 21. Training Room 3rd floor.

*Please bring your own Laptop*

☆   Course Overview

This is an all-in-one Social Media Marketing course aiming to help you craft and implement a successful Social Media strategy that will lead to incremental growth of your business. Creating an effective social media strategy will help you understand your customers, increase brand awareness level and scale the conversions.

This course offers ultimate insights for your business and personal growth with the aim to achieve the in-depth understanding on how to: build an effective social media strategy, set up advanced advertising funnel, create social media content, extend your reach, scale in digital advertising, measure ROI, and more.

☆  Module 1. Intro to Digital Marketing

1. Introduction to the main Digital Marketing Channels.
2. The importance of each digital Marketing Channel and their application in the Advertising Funnel.
3. Importance of Content in Digital Marketing.

☆  Module 2. Intro to Social Media Marketing

1. Types and nature of Social Networks.
2. Page Setup in Social Networks
3. Business Manager Structure and Setup

☆  Module 3. Target Persona Creation

1. Target Personas Creation
2. Target Personas Communication
3. Content Pillars Identification

☆  Module 4. Organic Strategy

1. Content Calendar Creation
2. Organic KPIs

☆  Module 5. Design and Copy

1. Design specs for Social Media postings.
2. Design specs for Social Media ads.
3. Standards on managing social media presence across Social Media Platforms.
4. Social Media design using Canva.
5. Copywriting formats and specifications for Social Media Platforms.
6. Creation of attention-grabbing copies.

☆  Module 6. TikTok & Reels

1. TikTok & Reels Creation
2. Competition analysis
3. Mobile Video-Editing
4. Creating High-performing Video Content

☆  Module 7. Page Insights & Publishing Tools

1. Creator Studio
2. Business Suite
3. Hubspot
4. Buffer
5. Later
6. Tracking Organic Performance

☆  Module 8. Intro to Ads Manager

1. Ad Account Structure
2. Campaign Objectives
3. Adset Setup
4. Audiences based on: Interests, Behavior, and Demographics
5. Ad types

☆  Module 9. Campaign Launching

1. Facebook Ads Manager.
2. Instagram Ads.
3. LinkedIn Ads.
4. Twitter Ads.

☆  Module 10. Custom Audiences & Ads Funnel

1. Custom Audiences.
2. Lookalike Audiences.
3. Creation of Social Media advertising funnel. 4.Copywriting across each step of the advertising funnel.
5. Design across each step of the advertising funnel.

☆  Module 11. Implementation of the Funnel

1. Full technical implementation of the advertising funnel.

☆  Module 12. Analytics

1. Facebook Pixel
2. Facebook Event Manager
3. Facebook Analytics
4. Twitter Pixel
5. LinkedIn Pixel
6. Google Analytics

☆  Module 13. Social Media Audit

1. Social Media Page Audit for Business

☆  Module 14. Revision


Social Media Marketing Training

Benjamin Kolenović.


Benjamin is CEO & Founder of Growzillas. He is a digital marketing expert with +7 years in Digital Marketing.

He worked and gained his experience in various local and international companies including H&M sub-brand Ivyrevel, as the most prominent brand, where he served as Digital Marketing Consultant. As of 2018, Benjamin started sharing his experience by lecturing on Digital Marketing in multiple prominent local institutions, having certified +250 people so far.


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