ReactJS Training

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library used to create user interfaces in a declarative and efficient way. It is used to create modular user interfaces and promotes the development of reusable UI components that display dynamic data.


Application Deadline

March 4, 2024


Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 18:00 – 21:00
Course Duration

60 hours 

March 5, 2024 - April 18, 2024

1. Introduction to React


  • Course Outline and What This Course Will Cover

  • Installing Visual Code

  • Install React

  • HTML & CSS & JavaScript in React

  • NPM (node package manager)

  • Creating React Project

  • Exploring React files

  • Mapping

  • Object Destructuring

  • Spread & React Operators

  • Arrow Functions

  • Flex Box

  • Flex Grid

2. React core concepts


  • Showing basics content

  • React Component Layout

  • JSX (JavaScript and XML)

  • Printing JavaScript Variables in JSX

  • Props System

  • Applying Styling in JSX

  • Customizing Elements with Props

  • Module Systems Overview

  • Working with Paths

  • Imports and Exports

  • Picturing the Movement of Data

  • Parent-Child Components Concept

  • How to work with Images

  • Design component using style

  • Design Directories/Files in a React Application

3. React core concepts
  • Event system & Synthetic Events

  • Variations on Event Handlers

  • State System

  • Understanding the Re-Rendering Process

  • DOM & Virtual DOM

  • Reconciliation and Diffing Algorithm

  • Working with Lists

  • Importance of using ‘key’ prop

  • Hooks in essence

  • Introduction to useState Hook

  • Conditional Rendering

  • Forms of using useState Hook 

  • Introduction to Refs

  • Introduction to useState Hook

  • Targeting Elements with Refs

  • Lifecycle Methods (Mounting, Updating, Unmounting)

  • Introduction to useEffect Hook


4. Using an API with React


  • Asynchronous Programming

  • Promises

  • Handling Promises

  • Async Await

  • Using an API with React

  • Overview of HTTP Requests

  • Making an HTTP Request

  • Fetch API & Axios

  • Explain HTTP methods

  • Explain some HTTP statuses

  • CRUD Form

5. Communication and Hooks in React


  • Communicating With Props

  • Validating Props with PropTypes

  • Prop Drilling

  • Parent to Child & Child to Parent communication

  • Introduction to Context System

  • Introduction to useContext hook

  • Working with useContext in a Real Application

  • Introduction to useReducer

  • Working with useReducerin a Real Application

  • Practicing Props and State Design

  • useCallback Hook

  • useMemo Hook

  • Custom Hooks

6. Jumping to Advanced React


  • Classic Styling

  • Style Component

  • Tailwind

  • React Router

  • Lazy Loading

  • Portals

7. Building Real Projects

Along the training path, we will have dozens of projects. The projects will be small and medium. At the end of the training we will build three more large projects that will include all the preliminary units learned along the way of the course in React JS


  • Project #1

  • Project #2

  • Project #3

Certification / Completion
Ylber Verbaj | Instructor

Ylber Verbaj is a seasoned and Independent JavaScript/Typescript engineer with 5 years of experience in blending the art of design with skill of programming to deliver an immersive and engaging user experience through efficient website development and proactive feature optimization. Ylber is an innovative software engineer with experience in various European and American companies, managing all aspects of the development process for small to medium-sized companies.