Python Programming Training

Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. Python’s design philosophy emphasizes code readability with its notable use of significant whitespace.


Application Deadline

• June 13, 2022
• The course starts on June 13, 2022


• Monday – Wednesday – Friday from 18:00 – 21:00 • 9 hours per week* 3 times per week* in a total of 54 hours
Working Enviroment and Course Overview

o Review of curriculum

o Install necessary applications( Pycharm etc)

o Share materials

Python object and data structure

o Introduction to Python Data Types

o Variable Assignments

o Indexing and Slicing with Strings

o String Properties and Methods

o Print Formatting with String

o Lists in Python

o Dictionaries in Python

o Tuples with Python

o Booleans in Python

o Basic Practice

Python comparison operators and statements

o Comparison Operators in Python

o Chaining Comparison Operators in Python with Logical Operators

o Comparison Operators Quiz

o If, Elif and Else Statements in Python

o For loops Python

o If Elif and Else Statements in Python

o List Comprehensions in Python

o Python Statements Quiz

Methods and Functions

o Methods and the Python Documentation

o Introduction to Functions and “def” keyword

o Basics of Python Functions

o Logic with Python Functions

o Tuple Unpacking with Python Functions

o Interactions between Python Functions

o *args and **kwargs in Python

o Function Practice Exercises

o Lambda Expressions, Map, and Filter Functions

o Nested Statements and Scope

Project 1

o Displaying Information

o Displaying Information

o Validating User Input

Object Oriented Programming OPP

o Attributes and Class Keyword

o Class Object Attributes and Methods

o Inheritance and Polymorphism

o Special (Magic/Dunder) Methods

o Exercises

Modules, Packages and Erros

o Modules and Packages

o Pip Install and PyPi

o __name__ and “__main__”

o Errors and Exception Handling

o Pylint Overview

Project 2

o Use OOP skills to create a functioning game

Python decorators and generators

o Learn how to use Decorators with Python 3

o Learn how to work with Generators in Python!

o Exercise

Advanced Python Modules

o Python Collections Module

o Opening and Reading Files and Folders (Python OS Module)

o Python Datetime Module

o Python Math and Random Modules

o Python Regular Expressions

o Zipping and Unzipping files with Python

o Exercise

Webb Scraping

o Introduction to Web Scraping

o Web Scraping Libraries

o Grabbing a Title, Image , Class

o Exercise

PDFs, Spreadsheets and Emails in Python

o Working with CSV Files in Python

o Working with PDF Files in Python

o Sending and Receiving Emails with Python

GUI (Tkinter) in Python

o Interact Functionality with GUIs

o GUI Widget Basics

o Widget Styling and Layouts

WEB (Flask) in Python

o Flask Framework Environment

o Flask Framework Routing

o Framework File Uploading

o Flask Framework Templates

o HTTP Method Flask Framework

Final project

o Simple app with Tkinter

o Or Simple Website with Flask

Certification / Completion

Minimum criteria:

1. Course attendance – 80%.

2. Final Project/Exam - 20%

Egzon Baruti | Instructor

Graduated with master’s and bachelor’s degree in mathematics at University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”. Specialized in training and curriculum development in STEM fields. Supervised students in international project competitions in STEM fields. More than 6+ teaching experience in mathematics, robotics and coding. Currently working as data scientist.