Node.JS Web Development

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that enables developers to create server-side applications.


Application Deadline

March 24, 2024


Monday – Wednesday – Friday from 18:00 – 21:00.
Course Duration

54 hours 

March 25, 2024 - May 3, 2024

Course pre-requisites

Solid knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Materials Needed
Certification / Completion

Bring your own laptop!

About the course

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that enables developers to create server-side applications. In this course, you will first learn the basics of Node.js and move on to building scalable, efficient, and high-performance web applications.

The training Program


• Understanding the computer and its inner workings

• What is Node.js?

• Installing Node.js and creating our first app

• Understanding the usage and role of Node.js

• JavaScript refresher

Git and Github

• Understanding version control

• What is Git?

• What is GitHub?

• How to create a Git repository?

• Most common commands


Basics of back-end

• How the Web works

• Creating a Node server

• Understanding requests and responses

• The Node life-cycle and Event Loop

• Understanding HTTPS

Node Package Manager (npm)

• What is npm and how it works

• Installing 3rd party packages

• Using Nodemon 

• Global and local npm packages

Working with Express.js

• What is Express.js?

• Installing Express.js

• Adding and explaining Middlewares

• Handling different routes

• Using Express Router

• Creating and serbing HTML pages

Static and Dynamic Content

• Organizing static files

• Understanding template engines

• Installing and working with EJS

• Creating dynamic content


Model – View – Controller (MVC)

• What is MVC?

• Creating the MVC structure

• Creating our first Controller

• Creating our first Model

• Creating and serving our first MVC app


Introduction to Databases and MongoDB

• Understanding databases • Installing and setting up MongoDB • Creating our first MongoDB database • Working with Mongoose • Creating the database connection • CRUD (create read update delete) operations

Sessions and Cookies

• Understanding Sessions and Cookies

• Manipulating with sessions and cookies

Adding Authentication

• Understanding authentication

• Simple authentication using sessions and cookies

• Adding authentication using Passport.js



• Understanding REST APIs

• Sending requests and responses

• Working with Postman to test APIs

Final Project

Minimum criteria:

1. Course attendance – 80%.

2. Final Project/Exam - 20%

Ardit Demolli | Instructor

Ardit Demolli is an experienced full-stack web developer with over 300 hours of teaching experience in this field. He has worked as a team leader in a startup where they utilized Node.js and React.js to deliver high-quality web projects. His practical experience with Node.js and his passion for teaching makes him an excellent choice to guide you through this course and help you develop your skills in back-end web development.