27 September 2014 — 07 October 2014

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In today’s fast-paced, technical business environment, numbers are everything. Much of our success hinges on how well we can manage the data, statistics, planning, reporting that we encounter on a daily basis. An incredibly powerful tool for doing this is Microsoft Excel.

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Application deadline September 26, 2014
(This course has ended)

Course Details

☆  Why Attend?

Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 tips & techniques that will make your work faster and efficient, and you will be able to do complex tasks in a matter of minutes!

☆  Who is this for?

This program is highly recommended for those who want to understand the basic concepts of spreadsheets and want to demonstrate the ability to expertly use Microsoft Excel 2010 for manipulating and reporting data easily.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Fundamentals Training course is best suited for people who are relatively new to Excel, and want to get more out of Microsoft Excel to make the best use of the software in their day-to-day use.

☆  What will you learn?

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to do the following tasks:

Managing the Worksheet Environment

Editing Worksheets and Working with Cell Data

Managing Worksheets and Workbooks

Formatting Cells and Worksheets

Using Formulas and Functions

Using Charts to Present Data Visually

☆  1. Managing the Worksheet Environment

Using the Excel interface, the Ribbon and Groups

Creating or opening workbooks

Navigating through a worksheet

Understanding rows and columns

Entering labels

Entering values in a cell

Saving workbooks

Closing workbooks and Exiting Excel

Using Help

☆  2. Editing Worksheets and Working with Cell Data

Types of data

Editing Cell Contents

Understanding and entering a basic formula

Selecting a Cell Range

Automatically entering cell data in a row or column

Automatically entering an ordered data series

Copying and Moving Cells

Inserting Cells, Rows and Columns

Deleting Cells, Rows and Columns

Using Undo and Redo

Finding and Replacing Content

Adding Comments to Cells

☆  3. Managing Worksheets and Workbooks

Manipulating workbook and worksheet views

Selecting and switching between worksheets

Inserting and deleting worksheets

Renaming, moving and copying worksheets

Splitting and freezing a window

Hiding and unhiding rows, columns and worksheets

Creating Headers and Footers

Manipulating Page Setup options for worksheets

Previewing and printing worksheets and workbooks

Setting the Print Area

Adjusting Page Margins and Orientation

Adding Print Titles, Gridlines, and Row and Column Headings

Adjusting Paper Size and Print Scale

Printing a selection, multiple worksheets and workbooks

Working with multiple workbook windows

Creating a template

☆  4. Formatting Cells and Worksheets

Understanding, applying and modifying cell formats

Merging or splitting cells

Creating row and column titles

Creating, applying, removing and modifying cell styles

Adjusting row height and column width

Working with cell alignment

Adding cell borders and background colors

Copying formatting

Using Document Themes

Finding and replacing formatting

Creating and managing conditional formatting rules

Applying conditional formatting

☆  5. Using Formulas and Functions

Building formulas

Formulas with Multiple Operators

Automatically filling formulas in a cell range

Applying cell ranges in formulas

Understanding and applying absolute and relative cell references

Using Formulas with Functions

Inserting and editing a function

Defining Names

Using and managing Defined Names

Understanding and using functions within the following categories:

Lookup and Reference
Date and Time
Math & Trig
User Defined
Applying conditional logic in a formula

Understanding formula errors

☆  6. Using Charts to Present Data Visually

Selecting data on the worksheet or other source

Creating charts from selected data

Choosing a Chart

Inserting a Chart

Understanding the different Chart types and uses

Understanding the different elements of a chart

Editing, removing, adding and changing Chart data

☆  Course duration

18 hours (5 days). The course will be held on September 27, 28 (09:00-13:00)  September 30 & October 02, 07 (18:00-21:00)

☆  Schedule

27, 28 September 2014 (09:00-13:00) & 30 September and 02, 07 October (18:00-21:00)

☆  Qualification you receive

Certificate of Attendance (Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement).

☆  Instructor Profile (Faton Ramadani, MCT / MOS Expert)

Mr. Faton Ramadani is a Microsoft Certified Trainer , Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a candidate in Master studies in Management and Informatics as well as in Banking and Finance with more than 10 years of experience in adult education, IT administration, and banking. He has experience in classroom training, online delivery, video presentations and eLearning development. He specializes in creating an inviting environment that allows adult learners to bring real world examples into the conversation. Faton’s style is encouraging, positive, and makes difficult concepts easy to understand. He is a certified Microsoft Office 2010/2013 Expert.



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