iOS App Development Training

iOS App Development is the set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for devices and covers all the concepts you need to get you started.


Application Deadline

• April 28, 2019
• The course starts on April 29, 2019


• Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 18:00 – 21:00 • 9 hours per week* 3 times per week* in a total of 60 hours
About this course

If you are new to mobile app development and believe this is your future, then join our course in “IOS Development in Swift for beginners” where we will explore this exciting new programming language, starting with the basics, and advancing to the state of you deploying our own app to the Apple Appstore.   This course is aimed towards those who have little to no knowledge of Swift programming for IOS and covers all the concepts you need to get you started. From exploring XCode basics to understanding the different UI elements, application control flow and interacting with your device’s hardware, everything is covered. You will learn how to work with fetching data from the web as well as re-using code others have written, to make your own coding even easier.

Who is this course for and what do I get from it?

Anyone who wishes to learn to programme for IOS devices while utilizing the new and exciting programming language Swift. No prior knowledge is required for attending the course and you will become an advanced IOS -Swift Programmer by the end of the course. It is a great addition to your resume and might help you get your idea up and running, or land the dream job.

What will be covered in this course?

During the course, you will start with the very basics of understanding programming using Swift in XCode. You will be introduced to the XCode interface, as well as the different UI Components available for IOS application building.   You will learn about the different Data types in the Swift programming language, how to interact with that data and how to control the flow of your application.   In the later stages, you will learn about using the XCode interface builder, to bring those UI components together, and have them behaving across multiple devices (different iPhone models, iPads) the way you want them to using Auto Layout.   You will learn how to interact with your device’s sensors and get useful information out of it (such as recognizing taps on the screen, gesture control, reading GPS or Bluetooth data, or playing a sound).   We will cover animation and advanced UI elements throughout the course as well as getting data from third-party services and displaying it the way you want inside your app.   In the end, you will learn some best practices that Apple recommends and how to get your app to the Apple Appstore.   Throughout the course, you will put the whole concepts learned into practice, by doing hands-on work and building different apps. Additionally, there will be homework assignments to help you further strengthen these new concepts, which we will review together. To recap the whole content, we will be building together an app from scratch, that covers the whole concepts learned as well as additional third-party setups (e.g. building a chat app similar to “Whatsapp” using Google Firebase).

Course contents

The course is designed to cover theoretical as well as hands on teaching. The total length of this course is 60 hours, out of which 30 are theoretical teaching and 30 are practical, hands on work. In addition to this, there will be homework assignments to help get you the most out of this course.


The theoretical parts that will be covered during this course are:   1. Introduction to Swift, Downloading and Installing XCode and getting familiar with the IDE. 2. XCode Interface builder - intro to UIKit and the different elements. 3. XCode playground - Intro to Swift Data Types, Classes, Enums, Variables, Arrays. Methods and Properties 4. XCode playground - Application control flow (Condition statements and loops) 5. Introduction to the MVC design pattern 6. Auto Layout - Designing the user interface 7. Introduction to Cocoapods and reusing third party code 8. Interacting with IOS Sensors and hardware (GPS, Audio, Touch, Gestures, Bluetooth) 9. Working with APIs, REST and getting data from the WEB 10. Advanced IOS Elements (Timers, Tables, local storage) 11. IOS Animations and UI Flow 12. Deploying your app to the Appstore and best practices

Apps to be build

The apps we will be building in this course include:   1. The “I am Rich” App. (understanding the basics) 2. “Keyboard” music player App. (understanding basics - Audio playback / touch) 3. “Roll the Dice” App. (understanding autolayout) 4. “Quiz!” App. (Autolayout and understanding passing data between components) 5. “Weather” App. (working with GPS data and communicating with APIs / the Web) 6. One advanced app we will choose together to recap everything learned (e.g. Whatsapp clone, Tinder Clone or Instagram Clone). 7. Homework Review


Little or no prior programming knowledge is required to join the course. All the basics to advanced will be covered during the time. The course, however, requires you do homework assignments, for which a computer running MAC OS X (10.12.4 or later) is required. If that is not possible, you need to have a PC powerful enough to Virtualize MAC OS.

Certification / Completion

Certificate of Attendance / Completion   Minimum criteria: 1. Course attendance – 80%. 2. Home work assignments & final project - 20%

Rinor Bytyçi | Instructor

Rinor Bytyçi graduated “Computer Science” at the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, continuing his Master Studies in “Internet Technology and Architecture” at the “EIT Digital Master School”, earning him a double degree in Master of Science from two European Universities.After returning to Kosovo, he Co-Founded “Appbites”, a Software Development company, operating in Prishtina, specializing in Mobile and Web App Development.His focus is in building Mobile Application for the IOS Platform, using the Swift Programming Language.Currently, he continues to work at “Appbites”.

Expertise: Mobile and Web App development

Lecturing in: React JS and IOS App Development