Infrastructure as Code with Terraform


Application Deadline

• September 30, 2021
• The course starts on October 2, 2021


• We start at 10:00 – until 16:00 on ICK HUB038 • Lunch break from 12:00 – 13:00.

Workshop - Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

About the Workshop

Infrastructure as code (IaC) tools allow you to manage infrastructure with configuration files rather than through a graphical user interface. IaC allows you to build, change, and manage your infrastructure in a safe, consistent, and repeatable way by defining resource configurations that you can version, reuse, and share.


Terraform is HashiCorp’s infrastructure as code tool and it’s one of the hottest tools on the market these days. It lets you define resources and infrastructure in human-readable, declarative configuration files, and manages your infrastructure’s lifecycle.


In this one-day workshop, you will go through everything you need to get up and running with Terraform as an infrastructure management and automation tool.

We’ll cover the basics of infrastructure as code before getting into Terraform specifics. You’ll get into deploying your first configuration and more as you dive deep into Terraform’s capabilities. Additionally, in this workshop, we’ll show practical examples of automating the infrastructure with Terraform on AWS Cloud.


What will you learn?

↳ Installing and running Terraform

↳ Using provisioners

↳ Using variables and outputs

↳ Working with configuration files

↳ Working with providers and resources

↳ Automating infrastructure deployment

↳ Creating and importing modules

↳ Adding Terraform to a CI/CD pipeline

↳ Managing state in Terraform

↳ Implementing Terraform with AWS

Target Audience

<strong>This workshop is intended for:</strong>

↳ Newcomers to the DevOps or cloud world

↳ People looking to add Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to their skillset

↳ DevOps Engineers

↳ Site Reliability Engineers (SREs)

↳ Operations Engineers


For attending this workshop you need to bring your own device.



This workshop is provided by <a href="">Appstellar</a>

Mehmetali Shaqiri | Instructor

CTO/Founder of Appstellar

Mehmetali brings over 18 years of software development and infrastructure expertise. His current focus is helping businesses transition to and thrive in the cloud. Mehmetali is dedicated to developing the next generation of Cloud and DevOps Engineers in Kosovo through training and workshops