Graphic Design Training

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography etc.


Application Deadline

May 18


Schedule Saturday & Sunday from 10:00 – 14:00
Course Duration

54 hours

May 18, 2024 - June 30, 2024


A graphic designer is someone with super powers and this is not an exaggeration. Graphic Designers can create visual concepts for anything and as such, can get employed in a myriad of companies and industries or to work on their own as a freelancers who can do their job from the comfort of their home or anywhere. In the digital era that we are living, graphic design has been an essential skill for individuals but a mandatory job for almost all businesses. When you mix hard work, having fun with it, being consistent, and the know-how of using the right tools you will be a very serious candidate for a job that a lot of companies are struggling to find. Join us so that we learn the basics of Graphic Design and let me share my 10+ years experience while i treat the course with as much fun as possible. Creating should be enjoyable and that is exactly what i do with my daily work. I am going to bring that to the class room.  

Principles of Design

• Introduction to design principles

• Understanding balance, alignment, contrast, repetition, and hierarchy

• Case studies and real-world applications

Color Theory

• Basics of color theory: color wheel, color harmony, and the psychology of colors

• Practical exercises in selecting color schemes for different design projects

Fonts and Typography

• Introduction to typography: understanding typefaces, fonts, and readability

• Practical exercises in font selection and typography design for various media

Brainstorming and Research

• Techniques for effective brainstorming and creative thinking

• Conducting research for design inspiration and project preparation

Adobe Illustrator

• Introduction to Illustrator and vector graphics

• Hands-on training: creating logos, icons, and illustrations

Adobe Photoshop

• Introduction to Photoshop and raster graphics

• Hands-on training: photo editing, compositing, and preparing images for web and print


• Fundamentals of branding and identity

• Building a brand strategy and visual identity


• Principles of packaging design

• Practical packaging design projects


• In-depth discussions on design theories

• Analyzing historical and contemporary design trends


• Live demonstrations of design techniques and tools

• Analyzing and critiquing design work


• Structured practical sessions for students to apply learned skills

• Projects covering various aspects of design

Mock Interview

• Preparing students for work interviews and Portfolio Creation

• Tips and strategies for successful design interviews

• Portfolio creation guidance and critique

Who is the course for?

Anyone who has sparks of passion towards designing things with meaning. People who understand the importance of graphic design in the digital world. Those who have the patience to learn the basics and have the courage to continue their path onwards

Certification / Completion

Minimum criteria:

1. Course attendance – 80%.

2. Final Project/Exam - 20%

Erris Veliu | Instructor

Erris is a designer with experience in a variety of complex projects covering branding, visuals, campaigns, and web development. Proficient in UI, UX, graphic design, and motion graphics, including 3D animations. Erris also develops websites on popular platforms like WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, and More.