Game Development and Design Training

Video games design is the conceptualization of the problems, tools and solutions that will be presented to the player while playing.


Application Deadline

● March 22, 2020
● The course starts on March 23, 2020


● Monday & Wednesday from 10:00 – 12:00 ● 4 hours per week* 2 times per week* in a total of 48 hours

The video game industry has seen immense growth over the last decade and is continuing to grow today as emerging markets get increasingly high access to capable hardware. Today, nearly every device, from mobile phones to high end computers comes with pre-installed video games, with hundreds of billions of dollars being spent by consumers in acquiring more.


Such growth, along with the newfound ubiquitousness of digital distribution and virtual collaboration tools has created a need for skilled video game developers and designers around the world.


This course is taught by video game designer and developer with years of experience in the mobile games market, with many collaborations with publishers such as Voodoo and Poki, who is additionally an adjunct professor of video game development at the Western Iowa Tech college in Sioux City, Iowa.

This course is aimed at teaching students the fundamentals of video game design, as well as the basic technical knowledge of how to put their designs to practice.


Who may attend this course?

Attendants of this Video Game Development and Design course should have some knowledge of video games and be passionate about gaming and creating new experiences.

Whether you are a software developer, student, or simply a gamer who wants a deeper understanding of how games are made, you are welcome to join.

Prior knowledge of a programming language is a bonus.

Why should people attend?

After attending the Video Game Development and Design course, candidates will have experience in:


● The fundamentals of game design

● The basics of Unity and C#

● The game development pipeline

● Game packaging and publishing to a store front

● Brainstorming, rapid prototyping and iteration

● Working on multiple projects

Week 1

● Course Introduction

● Introduction to Game Design

● Introduction to Unity

Week 2

● Game Features and Mechanics

● Essentials in Prototyping Games

● Game Features and Mechanics


Week 3

● Hooks and Pillars

● Develop your Prototype


Week 4

● Playtesting

● Game Theme and Mood

● Develop your Prototype

Week 5

● The Target Audience and the Right Platform

● Basic How-Tos of Game Development

Week 6

● Constraints = Creativity

● Develop your Prototype

Week 7

● MDA Framework

Week 8

● Game Design Documentation

● Develop your Prototype


Week 9

● Releasing to Multiple Platforms

● Immersion


Week 10

● Develop your Prototype

Week 11

● Exploring Game Genre

Week 12

● Develop your Prototype


● Be adaptable, accepting, open-minded

● Knowledge of Games, Passion for playing games

● Passion and/or experience building games

● Understand game development as a career

● Consider yourself an artist, programmer or designer of experiences

● Basic English knowledge (Read, Write, Listen)

● 16+ years old

● [Pluses] Prior Unity, Game Engine and/or programming knowledge/experience


1. Course attendance – 80%.

2. Final Project/Exam - 20%

Lekë Sahatqija | Instructor

Lekë graduated with a master’s degree in Telecommunications and Computer Science engineering at INSA-Lyon. After returning to Kosovo, he specialized in video game development and design, eventually founding his game studio Blackout Softworks, and soon after creating the Kosovo Game Developers association. Leke has expertise working on hypercasual-genre games through his collaborations with publishers Voodoo and Poki.