Cyber Unity - Cyber Security Training

Cyber Unity - Cyber Security Training

12 January 2021 — 11 June 2021

Special Focus

Cyber Security refers to the body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

Price 150€ per month. Candidates can also pay the total price of the Training 900€
Application deadline January 7, 2021
(This course has ended)

Course Details

☆  About the course

The threats and the vectors of the attacks are growing in an exponential form, together with their complexity. On the other hand the affected interest groups are in need of combat techniques and expertise. Cyber security Experts of the new generation who are emerging from the Cyber Unity academy, are the future leaders of the cyber security dimension. Cyber Unity offers the opportunity to learn hands-on expertise on both the Offensive and Defensive side, who are capable to defend as well as attack by defending the leading production infrastructures.

The hands-on, real-life based scenarios are powered by Cybera. With a combination of both complex and logical based labs on how they can keep the ecosystems of digital lives safe and develop an advanced skill set of cyber threats and defenses in a continuous way for the domain of the continuously evolving threat landscape.

The curriculum for the course will be divided in two modules; offensive and defensive.

☆  Offensive Module

Both modules will be delivered 9 hours per week, over the period of 20 weeks, in a total of 198 + (5 hours) / to perform a whole recap.

■ Intro to Systems
↳ Linux
↳ Android
↳ Windows
↳ Domain Controllers
↳ Active Directory

■ Windows and Linux Environment Testing / Exploitation
↳ Introduction to Networking
↳ Network Defensive Mechanisms
↳ Exploitation Frameworks
↳ Testing / Exploitation
⥛ Empire
⥛ Metasploit
⥛ CobaltStrike

■ Information Gathering / Discovery
↳ Nmap
↳ Masscan
↳ OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)

■ Web Application Testing / Exploitation
↳ Tools of Reconnaissance on the Web layer
↳ Fuzzing the Web

■ Mobile Application Testing / Exploitation
↳ iOS
↳ Android

■ Evasion Techniques
↳ Veil
↳ Avet

■ Post Exploitation, Pivoting and Persistence
↳ Scavenger
↳ Shad0w
↳ CobaltStrike
↳ Graveyard

■ Reporting and Remediation
↳ Scoping & Rules of Engagement
↳ Final Report/Presentation Preparation



☆  Defensive Module

Defensive module will be delivered 6 hours per week, over the period of 9 weeks.

Defensive module will prepare candidates on hardening and protecting their information systems, applying best practices and recommendations, as well as introduce them to the best working frameworks for achieving the desired results.

☆  Topics to be covered are:

■ Asset Security
■ Communication and Network Security
■ Identity and Access Management
■ Security and Risk Management
■ Security Architecture and Engineering
■ Security Assessment and Testing
■ Security Operations
■ Software Development Security
■ Legislation and Regulations

☆  Requirements to join this course are:

■ Basic Computer Science knowledge
■ over the age of 16

Preferred skills:
■ Python
■ Golang

☆  schedule

Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday from 17:30 - 20:30

The course will start on January 12, 2020

☆  Certification / Completion

Certificate of Completion

Minimum criteria:

1. Course attendance – 80%.
2. Final Project/Exam - 20%

Cyber Unity - Cyber Security Training

Elvin Mala


Elvin has more than 14 years of working experience with designing, managing, and improving performance of Information Systems in various institutions. Before joining the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, where he is engaged since March 2019 as an IT Auditor, he worked for almost three years at the National Audit Office as an IT Audit Consultant and conducted a number of Information Systems Audits for governmental institutions and provided recommendations on improving their systems. Prior to that, for almost ten years, he was engaged as an Information and Communication Technology Expert by various projects supported by USAID, mainly for the Treasury of Kosovo.

Elvin holds a Master Certificate in IT Leadership, Innovation and Governance, from Illinois Institute of Technology, from Chicago, and underwent through numerous professional certificates such as: Certified as Information Systems Auditor (CISA) by ISACA, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) in IT Service Management, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) completed in TRIOS College-Toronto, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA); and completed several additional courses related to IT Project Management, IT Systems Security and CyberSecurity. He loves sharing his knowledge, mentoring and delivering courses related to his expertise. Occasionally, he writes various articles and blogs related to his expertise, and is active on social media.

He can be reached at:

Cyber Unity - Cyber Security Training

Partin Pruthi


Partin Pruthi is a legal expert specialized in the legal aspects of Information Technology, Finance, and Data Protection. His focus is particularly suited to the Cybersecurity sector, since its a combination of his experience. Partin has advised many Kosovo startups and companies to streamline their operations and minimize their legal risk.

Cyber Unity - Cyber Security Training

Butrint Komoni


Butrint Komoni is a senior Cybersecurity Engineer and Executive Director of VOID | International, an international company with expertise on the Cybersecurity field.

Butrint has a significant experience regarding the Cybersecurity dimension which engages on both the Offensive and Defensive side. He has also engaged on different sectors of the economy as well as the public sector to provide security and availability to critical environments.


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