Application Deadline

• March 26, 2017
• The course starts on March 27, 2017


• Monday, Wednesday, Friday starting at 15:00 – 18:00 • 9 hours per week* 3 times per week* in a total of 42 hours

Branding is a process used to build awareness and extend customer loyalty.

Brand identity is tangible and appeals to the senses, you can see it, touch it, hold it, hear it, and watch it move. Brand identity fuels recognition, amplifies differentiation, and makes big ideas and meaning accessible.

The logo is the most visible and frequent reminder of what the brand stands for.


Infographics have the main mission to simplify information in a visually engaging way in order to attract and inform a large audience. The word infographic means a graphic design that combines in one data visualizations, illustrations, text, and images that tells a complete story.

The power of infographics is that it keeps things simple. Instead of having to deal with some 50-page report, you could present things in one or two pages of infographics, which are followed by a few sentences, which interpret key data.

People learn and remember best through pictures, not through written or spoken words. You’ve probably heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words,” a manifesto that speaks to the value and efficiency of visual communication.


Who is this for?

This is a course for everyone, but different people use branding & infographics for different purposes, so the audience of the participants for the training course is from different fields and includes people from Faculty of Art, design industry, marketing agencies, managers and business people, like:


• Students

• Graphic Designers

• All artists (designers, painters…)

• People who work with data and wish to learn more about turning data into something visually compelling

• Developer who is interested in creating more usable and elegant front-end solutions


Whether you are a graphic designer, an art-oriented person, or simply interested in learning a new skill and you have at least a beginner level of an image editing software then you are more than welcome to join.


Please note: Although we do discuss the different visualization software options available, this is not a software training course.


Why Attend?

By attending a training course for Branding & Infographics, you will learn about the conceptual and visual process behind Branding & Infographics and steps needed to take on either task from start to finish.


You’ll also receive skills Wneeded to complete a typical brand, create logo and infographics on your own.

What will you learn?

This training will give the participants an opportunity to learn about


• What is a brand?

• What is brand identity?

• Types of  branding

• Creative process behind branding

• The brief, planning, concept

• Research & visual research

• Sketching & brainstorming

• Visual concept

• When to start the process

• Brand positioning

• Brand architecture

• Taglines

• Typology of marks


• What is infographic

• The importance of good visual storytelling

• Visualizing the story

• Gathering your data

• Discovering the story

• Processing your Ideas

• Designing Infographics

• Online Infographics

• Infographic Resumes

• Design Resources

• What makes a successful infographic




Participants will be asked to collaborate on creating their own branding, logo & infographics, and in the end of the training program there will be individual presentation of the project to the group.


Course Prerequisites:

To follow this training you need to know at least one of the following software:

Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw.

Agon Çeta | Instructor

Agon Çeta. Workaholic soul, his colorful soul strolls within many books, people and countries for more than 10 years since his works have been floating around, works which resemble masterpieces hung-up in a dimly-light room of a smart/curious child. His academic degree in architecture equips him with the edgy, sharp and bold lines for the shapes that he creates. As the founder and creative director of the projectGRAPHICS studio since 2002, his works continue to steadily pile on, building his artistic prowess.