Android App Development Training

The course is for anyone who is interested in step-in the Android mobile app’s development world, and potentially pursue careers as mobile apps software developer.


Application Deadline

• February 25, 2018
• The course starts on February 26, 2018


• Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 18:00 – 21:00 • 9 hours per week* 3 times per week* in a total of 60 hours
About the course

Are you a newbie, interested in developing your first Android app? And, you want to do it by using the latest cutting-edge technologies? Then join our “Android App development” course. The course will introduce you to mobile application development for the Android platform. Android is everywhere, in your smartphone, tablet, TV, car etc., basically it is the biggest mobile platform in the world with as much as 80% market share. With such a wide application, it couldn’t have been easier for you to make a decision and get involved by learning to develop apps for this platform.   In this course, we will be using the Android Studio development environment. The programming language we will be using is Java.

Who is this course for and what do I get from it?

The course is for anyone who is interested in step-in the Android mobile app’s development world, and potentially pursue careers as mobile apps software developer. It is intended for students that have little to no knowledge of Java programming for Android. However, basic knowledge of Object Oriented programming languages would serve as a good starting point. Knowledge of Java programming language is a big plus.

Course outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students will Learn and command:   • The Android Application development process including the use of Android SDK/APIs. • Development toolkit Android Studio, Emulator, Debugger, Logging mechanism. • Describe the life cycles of Activities, Applications, and Fragments • Use Java Programming language constructs, and XML to build Android apps. • Make UI-rich apps using all the major UI components, controls, layouts, and views. • Work with Android Activities, intents, and broadcasting. • Common applications such as messaging, maps, databases, and networking. • Know how to work with the SQLite database features. • How to successfully build and publish apps for the Android Play Store.

Teaching Methodologies

The course will be taught as a mix of theoretical, and in-class app development lectures and activities, each student will learn to develop Android apps using all the major components of the Android API at the beginning level. In addition, there will be homework assignments that help the students to better grasp the concepts learned from class lectures.

Course content

The total length of the course is 60 hours, and the topics to be covered are

1. Introduction to the Android Platform

• Android platform and Development Environment • Android Studio • SDK features • AVD Manager/Emulator • Opening sample projects

2. Android damentals and Application Structure

• Application Manifest • Resources • Activity cycles • Debug monitor

3. Application of Java in Android platforms

• Variables, arrays, loops, if statements, classes, objects • Android Activity Class

4. Android Application UI Design

• Layouts • Menus • Textviews, ImageViews, Buttons • Element positioning and formatting • Manipulation of elements programmatically

5. Advanced Application UI Design

• GridViews, ListViews • Alert Dialogs • Time & Date, Toast

6. Android Fragments

• Android Intents • Event handling • Android Services • Permissions • Broadcast Receivers

7. Maps & Geolocation

• Using Google Maps in App • Getting User’s Location • Other sensors

8. Android Data Manipulation

• File Storage & Data Saving • Android loading data from External Resources (Parsing JSON files, Downloading Image files) • Android Preferences, and Content Providers • Android notifications

9. Permanent Data Storage

• SQLite databases • Querying the database • Content values and Cursors

10. Android app Publishing

• Apk generation • Preparation for publication in PlayStore

Apps to be build

• Currency converter app • App number shapes • Basic phrases app • Egg timer • News Reader • Final project: An advanced app that will incorporate all the Android components learned throughout the course

Certification / Completion

Minimum criteria:

1. Course attendance – 80%.

2. Homework assignments & final project - 20%

Arianit Pajaziti | Instructor

Arianit Pajaziti is a software engineer, lecturer and entrepreneur. He has always been involved in projects in the field of Information Technology. Arianit holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Antwerp. He completed his studies as an Erasmus scholarship grantee with Distinction. Arianit is always in pursuit of knowledge, and new opportunities. Recently he attended a Professional Certificate in Information Technology at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago as a USAID scholar.
Currently he works at Appbites, a company he founded and is specialized in Mobile and Web App development. He is specialized in Android mobile apps development.