Advanced Pentesting

Advanced Pentesting

28 March 2015 — 19 April 2015

ICT Courses
Special Focus

The Internet is a pervasive force which is working its way into all aspects of our civilization - of this fact there is no doubt. One could spend countless hours, days, and months debating and studying the implications and connotations of this fact and its influence on education, business, etc. However, in studying this medium, it is important to remain cautious and realize the security issues surrounding the Internet. Being overly cautious and conservative in this exploration is detrimental and foolish - others, leaving the paranoid in the dust, will expand the resources left undiscovered by frightened people. It is ultimately more careless to assume that all is legitimate and nothing will harm you. It’s that old principle of “that’ll never happen to me” that can make one vulnerable. Educated medium should be achieved between these extremes.

This training course is part of six-month program:

Price 150.00 Eur
Application deadline 27 March 2015
(This course has ended)

Course Details

☆  Module 1

Penetration Testing with Python
Forensic Investigations
Network Traffic Analysis
Wireless Mayhem
Web Recon
Antivirus Evasion

☆  Module 2

Chapter 1: Planning and Scoping for a Successful Penetration Test

Chapter 2: Introduction to reconnaissance

Chapter 3: Enumeration:

Chapter 4: Remote Exploitation

Chapter 5: Web Application Exploitation

Chapter 6: Exploits and Client-Side Attacks

Chapter 7: Bypassing Firewalls and Avoiding Detection

☆  Week 1

Penetration Testing with Pythonn
Forensic Investigations
Network Traffic Analysis

☆  Week 2

Wireless Mayhem
Web Recon
Antivirus Evasion

☆  Week 3

Planning and Scoping for a Successful Penetration Test
Introduction to reconnaissance
Remote Exploitation

☆  Week 4

Web Application Exploitation
Exploits and Client-Side Attacks
Bypassing Firewalls and Avoiding Detection

☆  Prerequisites

Knowledge in Linux Systems (LINUX 101), Network Architecture , Programming (PYTHON) . Metasploit, and daily compiuter skills.

☆  Instructor Profile

Drinor Selmanaj has experience in cyber security. He has been working with FLOSSK for 2 years now he is one of many contributors in Kosovo in many open source projects, he has been doing workshops around Kosovo in data security, also being a FLOSSKie he has been maintaining the network of the SFK (Software Freedom Kosova) the annual conference about open source in Kosovo. His expertise are networks and computer security. While on workdays he is the CEO of HelloWorld, a company which is focused on application development. His passion about computer security and networks never stops. He will be showing some awesome stuff at advanced cyber security training.

☆  The Schedule

24 hours

Saturday & Sunday, starting 17:00 – 20:00

28 March 2015 – 19 April 2015

☆  Contact Information

Innovation Centre Kosovo, Rexhep Mala str; 28A, 10000, Prishtina, Kosovo.; 049 765 567

Advanced Pentesting

Drinor Selmanaj


Drinor Selmanaj is a lecturer, entrepreneur and information security specialist from Kosovo.
He has spent his years consulting, auditing, and hardening IT-infrastructures in companies and organizations across the region.
As a lecturer, he has established a Penetration Testing programme at ICK which seeks to hone the skills of young technology enthusiasts looking into entering the field of cybersecurity.
His entrepreneurial spirit led him to found a software development company called “Hello World!” centered around creating secure and highly functional digital products for local companies and businesses.
He is the CTO and co-founder of “Sentry L.L.C” - one of the first companies in Kosovo to regionally offer products and an extensive list of services in information security.
As a citizen of Kosovo and a member of various hacker communities, Drinor is able to see both the needs of legitimate businesses as well as the needs of a darker digital underground.


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