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80 hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday starting at 17.00-22.00 at the Innovation Centre Kosovo (Training Room). March 3, 2014 – April 7, 2014

A lot of people are interested to know about 3D World. Everyone throw out ideas about how they make these visual effects films. It is not really easy but if you love it, you will make it. In this course you will learn art, techniques, and technology that professional animators use to turn their dreams into reality.


The Industry of 3D Animation is pretty tough but if you love it, you will make it.

In this course is welcome anyone with or without 3D experience. With that said everyone is welcome. If you don’t know anything about 3D but you want to learn it then you are welcome.

In this course you will improve your skills in 3D but this is that you have to love it and have passion about it.

Lot’s of people say 3D Animation it is hard which is true but trust me you can make it.

It is a lot of professional animators that started their career directly working in feature film knowing just a little bit.

The trainer has experience is in Film Industry and Commercials as a 3D Generalist and he is specialized in Visual Effects and Compositing.

The latest feature film he worked on is Transformers 4, and he has done work for commercials:

NIKE, Alfa Romeo Pandion, INFINITI, Muppets etc.

After completion of this course you are able to do work for a 3D Company.

In this course will be touched everything about 3D but will be focused in modeling and lighting-shading, turning the 3d model in photorealistic look.

With our training courses you are able to become a 3D artist and work for any 3d company. Along with this, our classes will prepare you for future employment by our partnering companies.

Defining the attendance / Who may attend this course?

In this course will be able to attend anyone with or without experience in 3D Animation Industry.

The audience for possible participants of the training course could be from different fields but with eager and passion for this industry. This course will include people like:


Beginners in 3d animation

Advance animators


All Artists (designers, painters, photographers etc.)

And those looking to get into this new world

Why should people attend?

By attending a training course in 3D Animation, artists are ready to go ahead and get great skills into their career, also improving and taking his skills to the next level. This course will make you understand the Animation Industry and turn your dream into reality. After this course you will be more confident about your skills and what you do, and you are ready to call yourself 3D Artist.

In this course the participants will have a chance to work directly in the same footage that it was done for a feature film.

What will be learned?

After attending the 3D Animation training course, candidates will be able:

Learn to use software Autodesk Maya, After Effects and Photoshop

Getting familiar with modeling, texturing, rigging and animation

Improve modeling from beginner to advance by creating a 3D Car

Converting the 3D car into photorealistic look and composite it into live footage

Learn Lighting and Shading

Learn architectural modeling by creating a 3d room

Turn the 3d room into photorealistic look by lighting and shading

Learn Compositing and Visual Effects

Keying out a green screen, rotoscope and color grading

Learn Matte Painting

Course Outline

Our training course in 3D Animation is 5 days a week with 4 hrs and is going to last 4 weeks.

In first week will learn basic of the 3D Software Autodesk Maya including getting familiar with the software and modeling. Second week will pass into advance modeling techniques by modeling a 3D Car and making it look real. Third week is going to be Lighting and Shading. In this week we are going to light and shade a 3D room and turning it into photorealistic. And 4th week will be Compositing with software After Effects where we learn for compositing and visual effects techniques.

Autodesk Maya

The basics of modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and rendering

Improve modeling skills from beginner to advance

Modeling a 3d car and turning it into photorealistic look

Learn Lighting and Shading

Learn architectural environment by modeling a 3d room

Turning the 3d room into a photorealistic look by L&SH

Learn how to render with render layer passes

After Effects

Learn Compositing and Visual Effects

Composite a 3D image into Photoshop with 3d render layer passes

How to fake a 2d image into 3d image

How to use 3d camera in AE  Key out a green screen and rotoscope

Key out a green screen and rotoscope

Color grading and have an Eye Deveopment Look.

Making a picture full of Matte Painting


Learn basic of Photoshop

Understand the workflow of layers

Composite a 3D image into Photoshop with 3d render layer passes

Color correction

Visual Effects

Explain Visual Effects

Learn VFX Techniques applied in Films

Difference of Visual Effects between Special Effects

How to fake a 2d image into 3d image

Understanding of Matte Painting

Talking about chroma key

Role of rotoscope

3D Animation

Why do we need animation

Explain the Animation department

Workflow in Film Industry

How to produce a 100% quality

Instructor Profile

Besi Zeka is highly experienced artist in Animation Industry. He graduated from “The Los Angeles Film School” in Hollywood. After graduation he became assistant teacher.

He started his career as 3D Generalist Artist in Hollywood Film Industry with experience in feature films and commercials. Many film he worked as 3D General Artist but he is specialized in Visual Effects and Compositing.

His latest work in feature film is “Transformers 4” and he has done work for commercials: Nike, Alfa Romeo Pandion, INFINITI, Muppets etc.

Here you have his film career credits: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4716766/

Also here is his demo reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVfMJ3LOxAE

What are the course perquisites?

Have eager for this field

Basic Knowledge of English, writing/reading

16+ years old

After course completion

Every selected candidate will be awarded with a certificate of course completion by Innovation Centre Kosovo, which will give them an advantage on applying for jobs and validating their skills with a prestigious certificate.

Besi Zeka | Instructor

Besi started making his career working in commercials and feature films as Visual Effects Artist. He has participated in many forms of production in feature films in Hollywood Film Industry. His involvement goes beyond many forms when it comes to Hollywood Film Industry. With his cohesive vision and creativity he was invited to work on commercials for major companies such as: Nike, Alfa Romeo, Infiniti, Muppets, TMZ etc. Also he worked in feature films: Transformers 4, Ara, I Survived a Zombie Holocaust, Alone etc. He has worked as 3d generalist artist with some films as VFX Supervisor. Beside the film work he also has teaching career in Universities here in Kosovo teaching 3d Animation and Motion Graphics.