Zag Apps Company expands

Zag Apps Company from the moment when it was accepted in the Innovation Cantre Kosovo (ICK) incubator, has increased for 100 percent the number of its employees going from 4 to 8.

“Besides the four owners of the company currently there are four new workers, now we are 8 people,” says Zell Bakalli one of four founders of the Zag Apps Company. “We are currently engaged in a project with a Canadian company as a subcontractor of a local company and we are working on the maintenance of an an application”, Zell Bakalli while adding that Zag Apps is continuing its cooperation with Sprigs an Albanian-Dutch company. ZAG Apps is a startup company that offers solutions for mobile phone applications, including the whole process of app development for iOS and Android platforms. ZAG Apps also can create webpages, web application with a main focus on development of apps for mobile smartphones.