Youth Film Fest 2016

If you are young, innovative and willing to make a positive change in your community, you definitely fit into our scope of people we are looking for. Youth Film Fest is a unique festival promoting solely the youth artistic aspect and their attitudes toward positive changes in our society. Youth Council of the U.S. Embassy altogether with Innovation Centre Kosovo are successfully bringing the second edition of this unique festival, Youth Film Fest (YFF).

YFF is an opportunity for the youth of Republic of Kosovo, regardless their ethnicity to showcase their talent in filmmaking by creating and publishing a short film about:

1. Youth Empowerment
2. Women in Business
3. Technology, Environment and Society

We highly encourage you to show the best and the positive sides for any of the topics you will choose, therefore we are calling out amateur and professional filmmakers to present their views through movies on the topics presented in YFF.

Let your audience know how do you feel and what do you think of great successful women in business though you might not be a woman, or the huge impact of youth, or let us know how technology is facilitating our everyday lives. It can be anything you think the audience has to know and become familiar with. Last year’s edition brought us an amazing perspective how our Kosovo and its young filmmakers can find their way out to create some great artistic movie with zero cost, this year’s effort remains the same, you only need to have an idea and a smartphone.

Youth Film Fest workshops will be during autumn 2016, so that the youth gets some tips and tricks on how to make a movie. These workshops are facilitated by professional trainers who will be delivering presentations deriving from their own experience and knowledge in the film industry. You can send your application before the Workshops if you wish to participate, however, you can still apply with your movie (if you already have a movie or know how to capture it without attending the workshop). We encourage amateur and professional film-makers, or anyone willing to show their views on the topics to shoot and submit their production starting from August 15 until December 1st 2016.

The mission of Youth Film Fest is to promote and encourage the creative spirit of our next generation of filmmakers so that their stories are heard and their talent is appreciated.

Our vision is promote youth of Kosovo endowed with talent and creativity.

Eligibility criteria:

Citizen of Kosovo
Aged 16-30
Language doesn’t matter (Albanian, Serbian or English)
The movie should not be older than 2 years and published
Maximum 3 people can be involved into producing a movie
Apply before December the 1st