XIIK team wins the entrepreneurship race

For 54 hours 10 teams created on spot competed among themselves for the first place at Startup Weekend Prishtina. With ideas like the creation of a 3D online game, website with tips and recipes on cooking, learning Albanian online, finding the right handymen through internet, ended the third edition of Prishtina Startup Weekend that was organized at the premises of Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK).

A 3D game portraying the well know game known as “Janine”, finalized from the basic idea to the ultimate product just in 54 hours bought the first place to “XIIIK” team during Prishtina Startup Weekend.
Programmers Leart Zogiani dhe Bardh Lohaj – members of the “XIIIK” team worked with dedication in the production of a 3D game during two days and half – until the end of the Prishtina Startup Weekend. “To tell the truth we did not expect at all the prizes. We want to do successful business and therefore we needed funds, space where to work and faster internet”, said Leart Zogiani.
“XIIIK” team as winner of the main prize at the Prishtina Startup Weekend will compete also at the Global Startup Battle organized by Global Entrepreneurship Week with participation of 1200 teams, from 130 cities and 100 different states around the world.

Prizes at Startup Weekend Prishtina
Winners of the third edition of Startup Weekend Prishtina have been awarded by IPKO free internet of 8 mbps per second for 12 months, free marketing for six months by Telegrafi.com, and free entrance at conferences organized by CEED. These prizes were given to the three winning teams while “XIIIK” team that won the first prize at Startup Weekend Prishtina also were awarded 1000 Euros to buy technical equipment for their work. “XIIIK” team also was chosen to present their idea in front of the admissions panel at the Incubator “Eleven Accelerator” based in Sofia – Bulgaria.
Maxim Gurvits from “Eleven Accelerator” said that the reason why he has chosen this team is that they worked with dedication to achieve their idea. “These guys don’t give up, they don’t sleep, they don’t rest, they just wanted to win and this mentality creates big companies”, says Gurvits after the ceremony of prizes at Startup Weekend Prishtina.
The second place at Startup Weekend Prishtina has been won by the “Learn Albanian” team that created the concept of a webpage that offers to internationals learning the Albanian language.  “This event was great and we will continue to work on our product”, said Ensar Koshi from the “Learn Albanian” team.
While the third place at Startup Weekend Prishtina is “Mjestri im” team – that within 54 hours created and presented the concept of an online service – where interested clients through web can locate and contact with quality handymen of various profiles.
“This was a tough competition and it was a pleasure to be part of this kind of event that is being held in the whole world”, said Oket Hoxha a member of the “Mjeshtri im” team.

Norwegian ambassador encourages participants
The third edition of Startup Weekend Prishtina has been visited also by HE Mr. Jan Braathu Ambassador of Norway in Prishtina. “This is the third time that Startup Weekend has been held here in Prishtina and it won’t be the last time and every time it was held the room was packed with young people with creativity, with ideas, with the desire to actually achieve something. That’s what this Startup Weekend is about, to try to help you achieve maybe a dream, maybe an ambition to achieve something”, said the Norwegian ambassador in Prishtina. “I encourage you to think about the positive things here in Kosovo and to be part of something positive in Kosovo. Think positive, be positive, help make Kosovo more positive”, said ambassador Braathu.

The third edition of Startup Weekend Prishtina (SWP) started last Friday (November 9) at the premises of Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK). Teams continued their work during Saturday (November 10) while on Sunday (November 11) ideas presented by the gathered teams were transformed into products and they were evaluated by the panel of experts.

An innovative event
Startup Weekend Prishtina is an innovative activity that seeks the promotion of startups, local businesses, entrepreneurship, experts of the information and communication technology. Startup Weekend is financed by the Kauffman Foundation. Startup Weekend Prishtina is an event that brings together software engineers, designers, marketing managers to work, create, exchange ideas, create working teams and start new products and businesses. Athene Prosjektledelse, Norway and Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (STIKK), Kosovo are the founders of ICK, and Crimson Capital LLC, Kosovo is the main cooperating partner. ICK is funded by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.