World’s biggest brain and vision hackathon happening in Budapest on 8th & 9th October. Apply now.

IEEE teams up with Silicon Valley and Central Europe to create new technology.

Amazing product teams wanted: looking for excellent developers, savvy game creators, prolific designers, neuroscientific masterminds – all existing and would-be brain hackers! Budapest is the site of the IEEE SMC 2016 conference, and along it, the host city of the world’s largest brain hackathon. Come join us, and compete for the prize pool of 8000$ and more importantly – the unmistakable feeling of being a real trailblazer.

So, what will be going on? The field of neurotechnology has advanced by a huge margin in the last few years, but right now, it’s a bit like an iPhone without apps. It’s really amazing and shiny technology, but there aren’t that many things that ordinary people can do with it. There is a myriad ways to gather EEG data, track eye movement, and visualise everything, but can you put on an EEG headset and VR goggles with eye-tracking, and fly a drone with my eye movement and thoughts? NO. Is it possible, though? HELL YES! We have the technology, but nobody has built it yet. Will you? There are so many cool things you can think of…

To tackle this lack of usable solutions, IEEE (world’s biggest engineers’ association, for those unfamiliar with the name) and a couple of players from the neurotechnology and vision space (Vizzario, VSP, and Qusp) have created a series of hackathons, with the biggest one coming in October to Budapest.

Now, they’re looking for very specific skills. And they’re not what you think. You don’t have to be a brain-computer interface expert. A bit of knowledge is good, but they will be there to help you. However, what you need to be able to do is this: BUILD. COOL. TECH.
What do you say? Are you interested in BMI, BCI, robotics, AR, VR, machine learning, sensors, human-machine interface systems, control, signal processing, big data, haptics, rehabilitation or anything similar?

It’s simple, really. Think of something cool that you could build if you had the right brain or eye data, and then… Yeah, that’s it! Apply – and prepare to start building. And to be amazed with what is possible today.

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