Work to Bask with Claritask

For a business venture to function and thrive in today’s hefty market, one must always come prepared and then some! But other than a good work attitude, an employee should also have the proper tools and environment to put their best foot forward. Everyone can stop looking! We found the tool: it’s Claritask.

Claritask is a work management product introduced by Valon Sopi at the event held at the Innovation Centre of Kosovo in July 25th.

The event introduced Claritask, a piece of software that optimizes an employee’s ability to get work done regardless of location, workload, or limited capacities. A user can be traveling or not even in a physical work environment and still manage all their company tasks without needing more than just 3 bars of wifi. “Claritask is very simple to use and recommended for everyone,” says Val Sopi, presenting the efficient workings of the app in a mere introduction to its many features via a quick demo.

The app is constantly nourished with updates such as adding new features based on the majority mass needs, it utilizes everyone’s time, is laid out to perform with quality results, and is dedicated to consumer satisfaction. Being an international product, Claritask is serving clients in the US, Canada, South Africa, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Prior to Claritask, Val’s first product (Goodwerp) was launched in 2013 with efforts to serve the global market and made it into the top 10s in events such as Startup Istanbul, Startup Sauna, Launchub, and more. Even though Goodwerp didn’t make it on its own, it was the predecessor to now Claritask which is gaining more traction with less effort.

But, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Goodwerp, even though with a team of 6, it had a hard time growing and becoming cash positive, until 2016 when the team behind it, with Val as a founder, needed to call it quits. Then, in 2017, a year after closing the doors to Goodwerp, Val persevered by teaching himself how to code from scratch and started working on Claritask, in the open, when he transparently showcased everything that goes around a bootstrapped business.

He expresses that this particular phase of the company “Taught me how to handle sales, create a tangible product, and connect with my audience. Micromanaging can seem excessive, but a job is done better and faster when you minimize the gaps in the things you create”.

A policy that was forwarded in lieu of a transparent relationship with clients, was having all stats and information approachable with an open data system. While it created a stronger sense of honesty from the website, it proves as a double-edged sword as potential clients can be lost if they deem the company’s income as too low in the early days, and therefore not that successful. However, this approach is creating fans that are eager to help and provide feedback.

But trust is the first establishment of a company.

Currently, Claritask has 70 daily active users from 6 companies and a total of $600 total in revenue. It continues growing and becoming favored for its maintained and invested background.

As Mr. Sopi remarks, he has learned two key things in this journey: “Give yourself room for errors (no anxiety), and don’t be perfect: be you”.

When the presentation was concluded with a light-hearted unique approach of showing a film sequence (Tommy Boy, Chris Farley) depicting the difficulties and perks of opening up an idea to the world, the guests and organizers celebrated at the Innovation Centre of Kosovo terrace, where music and fun are infinite.