Women and technology at ICK

A discussion on the topic “Women and Technology” was organized at the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) as part of the second day of the activity “Week of Women” organized by NDI Kosovo, USAID and Women’s Caucus from the Kosovo Assembly. Innovation Centre Kosovo is one of the eight partners of “Week of Women”.

Donika Kadaj Bujupi representative of Women’s Caucus and Uranik Begu executive director of Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) opened the second of the “Week of Women”. The panel discussed on the topic of “Usage of technology to increase women political participation”.

“It is a special honor to have you today at Innovation Centre Kosovo to speak about the role and the engagement of females in informative technology as a part of an important part of the integration of women in our society”, said Begu while adding that this activity organized during the “Week of Women” corresponds with the mission of Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) to have as many women that create new companies based on technology. “From 41 companies that have been supported by ICK 19 are established or co-founded by women”, said Begu.

Donika Kada-Bujupi member of the Kosovo Parliament said that “online networks should be used to build solidarity for specific initiatives to promote the need for help, to communicate with the public opinion especially with voters and to offer practical support if needed”. Kada-Bujupi stressed out that
virtual communication is replacing classical communication in all the spheres with a special focus in politics. While Vlora Çitaku minister of European Integration said that “some social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have made a sort of a social revolution in the whole globe and what its more important is that they connected people”.

Çitaku during the panel discussion emphasized that except of the real world there is also a virtual world that has elevated communication in higher levels.

Among other speakers were Milena Harito – Minister of Innovation and Public Administration in the government of Albania, Vjollca Çavolli – Executive Director of STIKK, Mimoza Hajdarmataj – local coordinator of the women’s network from Albania “Equality in decisionmaking”, Kristina Wilfore – NDI, After the discussion under the guidance of Valon Canhasi from STIKK was held a “Lecture on the usage of Social Media”.