Western Balkans Investement Framework visit at ICK

A delegation from Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) visited Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK). WBIF was introduced to the work of ICK and of its main cooperation partner Crimson Capital LLC.

WBIF is a joint initiative of the European Commission together with CEB, EBRD and the EIB, endorsed by European Council. Besides above mentioned Multilateral International Financial Institutions in the framework are participating Bilateral Development Financial Institutions as are KfW and World Bank and Donors (EU Member States and Canada).

WBIF is innovative financing initiative which pools grant resources in order to leverage loans for the financing of priority infrastructure and socio-economic developments in the Western Balkans. This Framework operates in 4 sectors: transport, energy, environment and social sector in all Western Balkans Countries (Albania, B&H, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro).