Web monetization in Kosovo

Business Tuesday #12 organized by Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) focused on a discussion regarding the topic “Monetization and Web development in Kosovo”. Business Tuesday # 12 was held on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at the premises of ICK.

The discussion on the monetization of websites in Kosovo has attracted a large number of people to participate in the Business Tuesday #12 that is organized every first Tuesday of the month. Over 90 interested were present in this activity organized by the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK). During the 12th edition of Business Tuesday, was organized a fruitful discussion on how can be monetized websites that are in Albanian language.

To discuss this topic in Business Tuesday #12 were invited people with experience in monetization and WEB development in Kosovo.

“ICK is doing a very good job because everyone is gathering people involved in the field of technology and this enables them to connect with each other, cooperate with each other since this is what Kosovo is lacking”, said Granit Doshlaku specialized in the field of internet marketing/SEO that during Business Tuesday #12 presented the theme “The monetization of web pages in Albanian”. Doshlaku added that web monetization in Kosovo has room for improvement. “The problem is that the Albanian, in our case Kosovar businesses are not aware of the importance of internet marketing and do not pay attention and do not invest in this direction and if they would they could earn more,” he said, adding that in the future this approach will change.

“The idea is that there should be more that kind of debate,” said Flakërim Ismani presenter at the Business Tuesday #12 while adding that “monetization is a growing trend”. Ismani presented the topic “Development of WEB – best practices, hosting, front-end, back-end”. After Ismani was introduced Denis Gafurri from SMARD/smardonline.com that discussed the topic “E- commerce in Kosovo “.

Presentations in Business Tuesday # 12 were concluded with Çelik Nimani project manager at Athene Kosovo LLC. Nimani focused on the topic “Ecommerce ups and downs”. “E- Commerce is a trend all over the world and in 2012 according to the statistics have been spent 1.3 trillion dollars and this shows that Kosovo will not be spared from it even though it still does not buy online”, said Nimani. He added that “we should develop platforms that make customers feel comfortable and safe when buying online.”

Business Tuesday is an event organized by the Innovation Centre every first Tuesday of the month, focusing on a particular topic, on which different professionals invited to speak and share their experiences with a wide audience. The event is business oriented dialogue and always accompanied with the latest meetings/discussions with drinks/coffee for participants. Business Tuesday is inspired by the practice of similar events organized in Scandinavia.

Athene Prosjektledelse, Norway and the Association for Information and Communication Technology of Kosovo (STIKK) are the founders of the ICK, and Crimson Capital is the main cooperating partner. ICK is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs