Web design – a new training at ICK

During this training that will last for 6 weeks participants will learn about modern concepts of web design taught by Tahir Hoxha a well-known trainer on this field of expertise.

A new course – on web design started on Monday 22nd of October at the Training Department of the Innovation Centre Kosovo under the guidance of Tahir Hoxha a well-known author and trainer from Kosovo. This course is being attended by 8 students. During the training they will learn about the design and how to develop their current skills and learn new ones.

Trainer Tahir Hoxha is a well-known professional in design oriented training. He has been working in many tech related projects and has vast experience in lecturing/training. Tahir has experience in office applications, database management, web design applications and networking. This training will be on-going for 6 weeks until the 30th of November.