Web Apps in PHP5 Training at ICK

Innovation Centre Kosovo is offering a new training on development of web applications in PHP5

By taking part at this training one can be one step ahead of its competition in learning how to do web development. In this training participants will have the chance to prepare professionally for a career in development of various applications.

During this training offered by ICK participants will have the chance to learn more about basic principles of developing web applications, basis for structured procedural programing, main elements, structures and functions of PHP, generating dynamic web pages in PHP, processing and filtration of incoming/outgoing data, security aspects of PHP applications, phase’s development, relational data bases systems MySQL, enlargement of possibilities in PHP with external libraries, and architecture of a basic CMS application.

Participants will be given certificates of attendance. For more details about participation at this training please click at our website or write us at [email protected].

Number of participants is limited on 8 people. For students there is a discount of 20 per cent. Participants need to have prior experience with HTML/CSS