Videosinteza Brushes up: Your Story, Animated

With the dawn of an era when technology wouldn’t be merely a commodity, but a tool to access better methods to improve the quality of life, such can be said about the evolution of animation. It has, in short, become not only a way to entertain people, but a platform for educational engagement and development. That is what a certain startup in the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) family has set out to do. Won’t you join?

Videsinteza has a very clear self-inflicted mission: have individuals of all ages stay informed, engaged and represented. How they do that is through their company’s MO which is to use animation as an alternative educational platform to improve the quality of education in Kosovo.

The methodology of spreading knowledge through animation means to promote awareness for many complex societal issues and do it all in Albanian so citizens of all knowledge levels of language can understand and learn.

A new feature that has been launched by this saucy team of figure-wielders includes “Tregimi yt, i animuar” a.k.a. “Your story, animated”, where people of all ages can submit instances of their life story that has taught them a certain value or path and incorporate that story with animation for all to see!

The aim of this feature is mainly to give a voice to people, those who have much to tell but no crowd or proper means to tell it.

At first, Videosinteza spread questionnaires across schools asking kids what they should talk about in their animated shorts. When the replies they received were formal responses, Videosinteza organized a Facebook LiveStream session to officially launch their new feature, encourage people to submit stories and give the people a glimpse of their team.

One successfully completed and featured story comes from a 13-year-old animal lover and kids-rights activist Olti, who shows us the animated story of how he made a best friend through perseverance by convincing his family to give him their blessing in adopting the cutie canine Odie.

After tireless care and devotion to his floppy-eared and excited companion, Olti leaves us with a heartwarming message: If you want something, fight for it. If you can’t do it right now, you will tomorrow or the day after or the day after. It will happen. Just don’t forget to try.

Although acquiring a capable team isn’t always an easy task, Videosinteza managed to do just so with the help of ICK’s handy Training courses where youths of Kosovo participated in informative seminars of different fields and then spread out into accomplished companies for a 3-month paid internship.
Some of such individuals include Mergim, a student majoring in Stable Social Politics and Arba the illustrator majoring in Graphic design.

Mergim relays on how in his academic journey where he was to choose apprenticeship by one of 30 organizations, he chose Videsinteza not only for their amiable mission to spread knowledge in the Albanian language but also the themes they treated throughout their mission.

Arba relays on how her mission as an illustrator has been vast and through Videosinteza she was able to unlock her potential and use her creative skills to bring something more meaningful to the table.

To submit stories in this new feature we are acquainted with Leila; a student majoring in Diplomacy at Budapest, passionate about topics like mental health, discrimination and elevating marginalized groups via stories.

A simple survey-like webpage (please find the link here.) gives you 3 phases of fill-in-the-blanks for contact information and the intricacies of your story for future animation. The idea has to be 300-500 words long and no fun or meaningful detail can be spared.

In all of this, there is one thing left to be told: What is your story?