Until Next Fall – Stay Digitalized!

Over the past five weeks, Digital Festival, has been dedicated to technology celebration, in various, unique ways, unseen before; it has featured many workshops and other hands-on experiences, and interactive debates with the public, panel discusses and after-events social gatherings.  During this time Digital Festival has brought together hundreds of people, setting a new record at ICK events. These participants enjoyed talks from prominent speakers, leaders in IT, business and entrepreneurship.

As the only initiative to join the global community and feature a Startup Grind event in the region, Digital Festival also presented the first Startup Grind to feature a minister. Kosovo’s minister of Kosovo’s Economic Development Minister, Blerand Stavileci, who also holds a Master of Science in Management and Information and Communications Technology discussed about entrepreneurship, information technology and creativity in today’s world.

Offering a little of every aspect of digitalization, Digital Festival next digital-talked: banks, universities and public services, all featured on Business Tuesday.  Representatives from Kosovo Tax Administration, University of Prishtina IT Department and Raiffeisen Bank, discussed about ways and benefits of digitalization.

But in order to understand digitalization, one needs to know how to protect its data. Crypton was one of the events where the technology lovers could see Real Life Cyber Attacks, and even participate on demonstrations of cyber security through simulations, such as Capture the Flag. Besides Crypton, the tech enthusiasts had the opportunity to be part of two training courses for app development on iOS. Following this and numerous other activities, the participants had the chance to hear about online payments, PayPal, and even new currencies that are overtaking the future such as Bitcoin.

However, Digital Festival didn’t have to wait for the future to bring all solid accumulated knowledge to action. The entrepreneurship, technology and creativity, discussed at the very first day of Digital Festival’s kick off event Start up Grind, came to life this week through Raiffeisen App & Interface Challenge. Participants for a weekend worked to develop an app to be used in real life, whereas on Sunday night the winners were announced with ZAGG Apps winning the Best Application and BuilderSoft for Interface; this event marked the last event of the Digital Festival.

The organization was received very well from the public; especially by the youth who thought it was much needed. Egzon Mustafa, a student who benefitted from one the trainings offered at ICK, at one of the events said: “I think technology is going through a rapid development and I hope that many youngsters will get involved on it. Digital Festival has helped a lot in this aspect as it has offered opportunities and advantages to all programmers who wanted to make their dreams come true.” Other visitors were also very happy: “I’ve learned a lot of stuff because I was not completely aware about hackers,” said Faton Haxhiu after attending Crypton event. “I realized that I can do something to protect our rights; it was very interesting and I am glad that youth is trying to do something for the development of technology.”

As we approach the end of the festival, we are glad as well to have brought a glimpse of the world of technology in Kosovo. Until the next fall, stay tuned and stay digitalized!

Blog by: Shpresa Frrokaj

Photo Credits: Arben Llapashtica