Unlocking Business Growth with AI:A 4-Step AI Business Strategy for Executive Leaders

Join us for an eye-opening event and discover how AI can empower your businesses to unlock profitable growth and positive social impact on a global scale.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a game-changing technology that has the ability to perform tasks that were traditionally only possible for humans – such as thinking, analyzing, writing, and completing routine activities. Unlike humans, AI can complete these tasks with incredible speed and precision, without getting sick or tired.

AI is disrupting the way we live and work in both positive and negative ways. It’s predicted that AI could add trillions to the global economy by 2030, doubling profits and reducing costs. However, concerns have been raised over significant job losses (more than 300 Million) and dissolving non-competitive businesses. It’s important to weigh the benefits and risks of AI as we continue to integrate this technology into our lives.

If you’re looking to maximize the business performance and social impact with AI during uncertain times, you won’t want to miss the upcoming event hosted by ICK, featuring AI, Innovation & Strategy expert Arta Statovci. The event will cover a range of essential topics, including understanding how AI can evolve or dissolve a business, avoiding the strategic mistakes that even AI can’t fix, and using four-step AI Business Strategy deployed by Fortune’s 500 Companies to double your business growth and impact.

Designed for business leaders who are ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities presented by AI, this event is a must-attend for those looking to implement successful AI strategies and avoid potential pitfalls. Register now to discover how AI innovation and impact strategies can help you achieve uncompromising purpose and profitability.

Calling all Business Leaders!

Are You Aware that AI is already boosting Profits and Impact for the Top 5% companies in the world by +44%? And… Are you aware that 85% of startups will be OUT of business within less than 3 years due to AI?

The future of business is at stake. AI has the power to either significantly evolve or abruptly dissolve companies that don’t transform in the next few months.

Join us for an eye-opening event and discover how AI can empower your businesses to unlock profitable growth and positive social impact on a global scale.


We won’t:

Confuse you with complex AI Tech languages and systems
Overwhelm you with generic 100+ AI tips, tricks and tactics you can find on Google
Let you go until your have clarity on what to do next for your business

We will:

Simplify AI terminologies for all ages and tech knowledge levels
Educate you on a 4-step AI strategy to make your business globally competitive
Encourage strategic and holistic thinking before blindly executing AI steps


Join us for an exclusive event featuring Arta Statovci, an AI, Innovation & Strategy expert with over a decade of experience working with C-Suite Executives in top Fortune 500 Companies, high-growth start-ups, and NGOs.

Arta’s upbringing in Croatia with Kosovo roots led to a powerful realisation: success is often dictated by privilege rather than merit. This realisation fuelled her determination to become a change maker in eradicating wealth, and livelihood inequalities.

Her notable achievements include managing multi-million innovation portfolios, pioneering AI and intrapreneurship strategies and facilitating billion-dollar executive investment decisions in impact-driven companies. In addition, she holds four impressive degrees, including Executive AI in Strategy from MIT. Today, Arta leads Consult AI with a clear mission: to harness the power of AI innovation and impact strategies to help businesses achieve uncompromising purpose and profitability, while leaving a lasting legacy.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to take your business to the next level with AI, register now.