Trainings at Innovation Centre Kosovo

The Training Department at ICK is quite busy at the moment with a lot of trainings that are undergoing and other that are being prepared to start.

Among the most interesting course is the Android Training that is being held by trainer Milot Shala. In this course attendees are learning how to write applications that run on the Android Phones. In this course participants are being introduced to practical Android application development training. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to build working Android application and have their applications published on Android Market.

This course is designed for beginners or experienced software developers interested in designing, creating, deploying, and testing applications for the Android mobile phone platform. It is valuable to both novices and gurus, who already have a bit of experience in developing mobile applications for other platforms.

The rest of the trainings at the Training Department at Innovation Centre Kosovo are about improving business skills (presentation techniques and Intellectual Property Rights) that will be organized in the second part of October 2012. Also in October 2012 ICK Training Department will organize other trainings such as web design, iOS Developer Jumpstart training, design process, SEO Optimization.