Training on iOS Developer Jumpstart

The course on iOS Developer Jumpstart is the right place to learn about creating applications for Apple’s mobile platform iOS.

During this course participants will learn to: develop application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, will gain necessary knowledge for Objective C to develop an application for iOS, how to use Xcode, interface builder, instruments and iOS Simulator, use building techniques through technology applications MVC (Model, View & Controller), extensive knowledge about the SDK and iOS.

Participants in this course among other will learn how to put in place the application on a real device and process security, about the full details on the process of submitting the application and essential advice how to add their application in the app store.

Participants need to have the basics of programming in Java, NET, C ++, etc. They will have the opportunity to test their applications on devices offered by ICK. For more details about the program and participation please visit our website or call on 038 771 180. If you have additional questions contact us at [email protected]

Training on iOS Developer Jumpstart will start in the second half of January, 2013.