Training in Android

The Department of Training at the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) is offering also an training on how to create applications for the Android platform.

Learn in a practical way how to create applications for the popular platform Android. Learn about basic steps in Android programming, understand how Android applications function, their life cycle, their purpose and the use of external resources. Also learn how to design and develop Android applications with modern interface using, expanding and creating layout, views and menu.

In this training participant will learn the use of Eclipse and the Android SDK to develop and debug applications in Android, use the Application Framework for Android to build complex applications, understand Android Activity Lifecycle, Intents, Android UI, Resources, Layouts, Google Maps API, Networking, Threads etc.

Participants should have basic knowledge of programming in Java, Python or C ++ and they will have the opportunity to test their applications on devices that already are available at the ICK Department of Training (Galaxy SII Android Smartphone & Lenovo Tablet PC). For more details about the program and participation at this training please check it online at Register at this link