This Fall We Celebrate Technology: Digital Festival Comes to Kosovo!

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you didn’t live in a digitalized age? Or, if you lived further ahead on the future? Or even better, if you could take full advantage of the digitalization we have now, in the present? We have! Starting this Fall, from September until mid-October, Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) accompanied by Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo, will bring to you the very first Digital Festival in the country.

Digital Festival is a mass-community celebration that will bring together people from a wide range of fields throughout Kosovo: from the tech-community to artists to engineers and moving beyond to bussiness people, all in one place: the Digital Festival!

The festival itself will celebrate creativity in technology and current digital trends, with a special emphasis on banking. Over the course of five weeks, the participants and visitors will be part of a very rich and diverse programme, with the four main themes evolving around Banking and Business, Data Security, Online Payments and Mobile Banking.

However, that’s not all. Digital festival includes a little bit of everything for everyone: hands-on workshops and training courses, numerous conferences and events, inspirational talks and panel discussions and even hackathons – several day lasting events when mainly groups of computer programmers gather and engage intensively in collaborative computer programming.

In a rapidly changing globalized world where the technology is mystified, through the Digital Festival it will be de-mystified; you will be offered a closer look of what and how easy and useful everything is – even when learning seemingly simple things such as what a bank branch offers!

Join with us this fall in our celebration of technology – stay tuned through ICK’s webpage and Facebook page for many more details.

Blog by: Shpresa Frrokaj