The third Business Tuesday

The third Business Tuesday will be held on Tuesday 6th of November starting from 17:00 at the Innovation Centre Kosovo premises. This event is open to all interested parties.

“Business Tuesday” number three that is being organized on November 5th 2012 by the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK)  will provide a discussion and some very useful presentations for all interested people who want to know more about the format of online marketing in Kosovo.

The trend in online advertisement is growing rapidly all around the world and this trend continues to grow even in Kosovo, whereas companies like have become pioneers in implementing market oriented solutions.

The third Business Tuesday is going to bring in some of the leaders in online marketing in Kosovo, which will present their practices and solutions, and will also give the chance for people/companies/entrepreneurs to discuss and have opportunities to do business.

If you want to present as a company you can fill in the application below by commenting more about your company or you can also send the request to our e-mail address: [email protected].

The Business Tuesday will be held from 17:00 at the Innovation Centre Kosovo premises during the 6th of November and is open to everyone, so please feel free to invite whoever you want to, but remember to reserve a seat online.