The New Turn with the Interns

Quality Training; ICK’s menu collaborating with the EU Project is abundant with such skill improving cocktails. What makes it so good is not only the overall rarity of the courses presented to the general public; the professionals involved and the experience earned cracks opportunities once never even considered. How, you ask? Ask our interns!

In generous collaboration with the EU funded project “Training and Education with Marketable ICT Skills for Employment and Self-employment in Kosovo”, the Innovation Centre Kosovo got to show the employed side of earned skills to training participants from Prizren and Prishtina and increase their prospect of evolving the field of ICT in Kosovo.

There are plenty of things a person can dream of growing up to be. Few of them however are accessible to young dreamers in Kosovo from the lack of variety and resources. Until today.

With multiple training courses offered to students from vocational education High Schools “11 Marsi” in Prizren and “Gjin Gazulli” in Prishtina pursuing new creative skill sets, testimonials of such experiences made not only great examples of functional and creative courses but also the opportunities blossoming from them!

Students spent 3 months absorbing expertise through internships post-training and a majority of them ended up becoming fully employed awesome-sauce individuals!

Ask Graphic Design students, for instance. College freshmen Arbra Shala previously interning at D-Marketing, Valdrin Pacolli now at Çetin, Besart Bahtiri now at Jiroo SHPK, Rinesa Krasniqi previously interning at Grafika, Medina Statovci previously at Erris Veliu BP and Florent Gashi now at Te Pazari, all together in a classroom for weeks learning about the intricacies of design and how it affects viewers and promotes creative approach to the work done in any field.

“I learned more in a few courses than I have in a year of school” reviews Arbra with adjoining students agreeing that the experience has led them to become bolder, more socially open and even gain a career interest in Graphic Design. Florent added “The staff treated you wonderfully; both challenging you to become more ept but also treating you as an equal”. 

Valdrin and Medina both related that “The anxiety felt on the first day instantly went away when the people at the office showed you how fun a work environment can be as well as inspirationally creative”.

Creativity goes hand in hand with the technical aspect of things. It all looks like jargon until you explore, spend time observing seasoned workers impart their wisdom on it and prove yourself to dominate that job! That is exactly what students of Web Design and Programming did!

Melisa Berisha previously interning at Adaptech, Albiona Ahmeti previously interning at Enchele, Dren Kelmendi previously interning at APPbites and Arlind Ramadani now at ClleanCode,  got to hone their craft alongside professional established companies and gain both experience and moments of treasured advice.

“Not only were resources provided to us, but helpful tips of work etiquette and workmanship that helped us feel less paralyzed in front of adulthood and its expectations” commented Arlind with Melisa adding that “ It helped my work go from good to wonderful and something I can be genuinely proud of every time I go back to it. Knowing the things I do now and having the opportunities opened in front of me makes me feel like there’s nothing I cannot try!”

“Personally, to know that people have my back and that a door is always open for me, is the ultimate mark of a healthy workplace and work table for me to express myself” wrapped up Albiona in her experience at her internship.

Perhaps Design and programming are all well and good, but what about promotional content? Ah, the effort never goes amiss as proven by Ardit Jashari now at Kosipmedia and Dion Elezi now at Jiroo.

The industry of hard and creative work requires a lot more diligence in social media, in turn helping these students comprehend and create quality content for the best platform to showcase the company’s contribution.

“A friendly atmosphere, wisdom and lots of skills intensified. My kinda thing” remarked Dion along with Ardit saying that “It was helpful, fun and I got to understand what it feels like to be responsible for a task and become reliable at work”.

Hard work is always paid off with earned reward. With dedicated time to training, enthusiastic effort given as an intern and due diligence exposing their potential and finding their niche, students are starting a new chapter of their life well into adulthood. By experiencing new things with new people, they become the best they can be at their passion and find their proper path in both their career and life.

Courses like those and many more are offered to those willing to learn. If skill and desire overcome the urge to doodle in class, the student is met with a chance of a lifetime to assist at an established workplace and set new expectations for a better education, better career path and better maintenance to their ultimate skills!