The impact of technology on media

“Business Tuesday” #9 organized on June 4 2013 by Innovation Centre (ICK) will focus on the discussion on “The impact of technology in the media” in Kosovo.

Many technological developments of recent years have contributed that a lot of worldwide media to switch from print to only online editions. These media have also created numerous information applications in both iOS and Android – most popular platforms for smartphones.

In Kosovo already has stopped print publishing and now informs its readers only online through its website. Gazeta Jeta në Kosovë has begun its work as an internet newspaper investing in the online format and also in the training of journalists to report on this form. Zëri a daily newspaper published in Pristina in recent years has started to give more importance to its website and currently has additional staff for its website.

In order to discuss aspects of the impact of technology in the Kosovo media at Business Tuesday # 9 will speak Shpend Sadiku – developer at who will focus on the topic why media should go online, while Agon Osmani the web –editor of will present about the topic of technology as media. Presentations will continue with Leonard Kerquki editor in chief of who will speak on the impact that technology has on online media.