The craft of 3D animation

Besi Zeka a 3D animator with a degree from “The Los Angeles Film School” presented the craft of 3D movie animation during a one day workshop held on Thursday October 10th 2013 at the premises of Innovation Centre Kosovo.

Known as a 3D artist with experience in animation in movie blockbusters such as “Avatar” Besi Zeka explained during his presentation at ICK that animation is being implemented since the sixties of the last century and only later it was introduced in the movie industry by Walt Disney while Pixar was the first to introduce 3D in movies. “If one couldn’t do something in real life than it was needed to be done by computer”, explained Zeka referring to the history of the use of 3D and animation in Hollywood.Zeka started his presentation by explaining the notion of motion capture and talking about the differences between special effects and visual effects.

“I am graduated for 3D animation computer animation in movies, games, everything that has to do with 3D and the last movie where I was engaged was Transformers 4 where I worked as a rigging artist where I did the connection of the body parts of robots so they could walk, this is called rigging”, said Zeka adding that he also worked in some commercials about Nike, Alfa Romeo, etc.

During his presentation Besi Zeka showed few of his works mainly commercials and movie clips where he was engaged. “Workflow in Hollywood production has three things production, pre-production and post-production”, said Zeka while explaining thoroughly each part of the Hollywood production process.  Zeka added that in Hollywood are interested only for the top experts. He urged Kosovo designers and animators to use storyboard before starting a project. “It is very important to have a story board for a movie or a commercial to have a storyboard”, he said.
Besi Zeka is highly experienced Digital Compositor & VFX Artist. He graduated from “The Los Angeles Film School” based in Hollywood, CA, also assisting the teacher for some classes.

Zeka currently is working as a Rigging Artist for feature film “Transformers 4″, in Los Angeles, CA and runs “LAFilm Company” which offers 3D animation & high-end visual effects services. His working experience is in commercial and Hollywood Film Industry. He has done work for NIKE, INFINITI, Alfa Romeo Pandion, Muppets, etc. He has software experience on: Maya 3D, NUKE, After Effects, Real Flow, Mocha, SynthEyes, Boujou and Photoshop.