Techstars Startup Weekend Balkans – the largest competition of entrepreneurs in Tirana

Western Balkans Innovation Hubs join forces to organize the largest competition of entrepreneurs in Tirana! 6 countries, 8 industry challenges, 1 common event. Hosted by Oficina Incubator in Tirana, Republic of Albania, from November 19-21.

Between 19-21st of November 2021, six of the largest innovation hubs from Western Balkan countries will organize the first edition of Techstars Startup Weekend Balkans in Tirana, marking the launch of this regional competition. The activity is part of the global TechStars Startup Weekend challenge designed to help participants build a community, share ideas, collaborate and improve their skills through engaging industry leaders.

“This partnership with TechStars is part of our deep investment into the startup community and our desire to keep building entrepreneurship bridges in the Western Balkans” said Mr. Uranik Begu, Executive Director of Innovation Centre Kosovo. “Some of the brightest minds from around the region participate in Techstars Startup Weekend and I can’t wait to see the innovations they will create in the upcoming competition!

The grass-root initiative developed as a need to foster greater professional collaboration between innovation support organisations operating in the region and to help entrepreneurs succeed by addressing the desire for increased mobility and exchange of knowhow. All of the hubs have pooled resources to organise the competition and are supported by a number of high-profile industry leaders in energy, banking, insurance, hospitality and IT sectors.

“Techstars Startup Weekend was built around the need for entrepreneurs to have a community in which they could share ideas, collaborate, and hone their skills, mixed with our desire to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with increased collaboration in the region in this difficult time” said Mr. Kosta Andrić, Partner at ICT Hub & ICT Hub Venture Serbia. 

“Organising hubs represent individual countries, but we are working together in the name of innovation and knowledge building that affects all of us equally” said Mrs. Aneida Bajraktari, co-founder of Balkans Capital.

Over the 3 days challenge, mentors and experts representing some of the industry champions will support over 200 entrepreneurs to build solutions and collaborate in a constructive environment.

Startup Weekend Balkans competition will focus on challenges relating to:
• Energy
• Crypto & Blockchain
• Cyber Security
• Telecom
• Tourism & AgriTech
• Digital Finance
• E-Commerce

The event calls for all of the aspiring entrepreneurs to book their places early and can participate as teams or individuals.
About TechStars

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