Techstar’s Startup Week drumrolls with Kosovo’s Startup Ecosystem Meetup

What precautions can we take as a community to inspire hope and wellbeing to people and startups as well as make the ecosystem flourish? This is the question tackled during the partners’ ecosystem meetup, and what esteemed entrepreneurs and youth gathered to brainstorm on. Frequent collaboration for a better tomorrow.

Techstar, being one of the grandest accelerators globally, has collaborated in the Startup Week with Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) to engage the entrepreneurial community with activities spread throughout the week and starting off, first and foremost, with a good ol’ discussion about the good ol’ ecosystem.

One issue addressed was the lack of support given to NGO’s during economical hiccups in the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine period by the higher governing institutions and how that factor could have played into the negative/positive outcomes of budding startups in 2020.

“There needs to be an increase of collaborative projects between NGOs’ and to ensure a proper base of support towards each other through building a sound strategy” noted Executive Director Uranik Begu. Joined in this occasion by other influential figures like Agon Kabashi from Raiffeisen Bank, Anila Sylaj from AmCham, Olton Beshiri and Adrian Emini from FIQ, Jehona Lluka from BCC, Gjeni Shporta from American Councils, Mrika Macula from RDA, Alim Halimi from Helvetas and Arlinda Berisha from Universum College.

A highlighted point to an enhancement strategy for the ecosystem of entrepreneurship was functionalizing disadvantaged regions of the country to a higher capacity by offering more ample education and practical participation to transferable skills activities in the designated centers for such feats.

Many companies have engaged the more marginalized members of the community by initiating specialized programs to integrate women in business, IT and entrepreneurial categories with the advantage of digitalization making it accessible to many walks of life.

With the approaching time of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), the youthful participants commented on the opportunities that can be implemented to further enhance the spread of information for technological methodology for problem solving and education such as in fintech, edutech, aggrotech and healthtech.

The other entrepreneurs also agreed to the idea that other than a lack of career orientation there is a lack of economy orientation and that there should also be a parental contribution to the person’s education around these topics to then delve into self-development and unlock grand opportunities thanks to the multifaceted functions of the IT sector.

With such discussions erupting abound with excellent perspectives and new plans to initiate, the meeting was adjourned with promises of soon-to-be future collaborations and entrepreneurial engagement.