Technology trends in Kosovo during 2014

The thirteenth edition of “Business Tuesday”, organized by Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) will focus in a discussion based on the topic “Technology Trends 2014”. Business Tuesday #13 will be organized on January 14th 2014 starting from 17:00 to 18:45 hours at the premises of Innovation Centre Kosovo.

For many professionals and business owners who compete head to head against one another and big-box stores, technology is a vital tool that’s leveling the playing field. Armed with a tablet and a few key apps, today’s individuals and startups can tweet the days specials, process a costumer’s credit card, run a complex loyalty program, manage payroll and much more. These new tools are useful, inexpensive, and simple to use and make it easier than ever to compete with others.

A few ways in utilizing new technologies in increasing profits and staying ahead in the market include moving to the cloud – many small businesses still juggle a combination of paper, spreadsheets and calendars to stay organized; starting with loyalty and rewards programs since it pays to invest in customer loyalty; turning to inexpensive tools since accounting and HR software used to be expensive and required technical infrastructure; using marketing and sales plug-ins because by adding a simple plug-in app, small businesses can turn their basic Gmail service into something even more powerful that allows businesses to track customers, active leads, deals and sales pipelines from the inbox.

These days, innovation tends to happen on a nano-scale, which means most people cannot see or experience that evolution. However a few tech predications are expected to emerge during 2014: Smart Home Tech Explosion; Ads in Everything; Cities will get smarter with sensors and cloud-enabled apps connect transportation, metering, health care, lighting, and environment data; Mobile money will continue to grow; Wearable devices will proliferate – Google has Glass, and Samsung has a smartwatch, but Apple’s iWatch and many other smart wearable technologies are coming out soon; iPads and tablets will grow in education; Mobile fitness devices will grow even bigger; Device context awareness will accelerate; 3D printer sales will jump.

To discuss about these topics at Business Tuesday #13 invited are Vjollca Çavolli – Executive Director of Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (STIKK) who will be talking about “Information, Communication & Technology trends in Kosovo”, Hekuran Doli – CEO at Terabytespace whose presentation is about “Analytics & Context awareness”, and Bersant Deva – PhD Candidate (Technical University of Berlin) / Deutsche Telekom AGs will focus on “Worldwide Strategic Tech Trends”.

Athene Prosjektledelse, Norway and Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (STIKK), Kosovo are the founders of ICK, and Crimson Capital LLC, Kosovo is the main cooperating partner. ICK is funded by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.