Technology as a media tool

“Business Tuesday” #9 organized by the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) was oriented towards the discussion on the importance of technology in the development of online Kosovo media.

Representatives of online media representatives and of a daily newspaper, at Business Tuesday # 9 organized by the Innovation Centre, discussed the impact of technology in online media. They expressed their views on how online media should be developed based on the latest technology developments.

Presentations were given by editors and developers of, These presentations were followed by people with experience in the field of combining technology and media, but also from enthusiasts of this branch. Leonard Kerquki editor of said that is very interested to collaborate with technology experts in order to advance the technological aspects of the Internet newspaper that he is running.

While Agon S.Osmani web editor at said that “if we had had this kind of discussion more often I believe that it could help firstly the media and also the readers”.  Shpend Sadiku developer from explained that discussions like this in the ninth edition of Business Tuesday should be organized also in the future.  Business Tuesday is an event based on business dialogue, providing a platform for meetings and exchange of experiences, between entrepreneurs, investors, clients and IT Professionals (consultants, media, IT companies, innovators, suppliers, users, etc.) to get the latest information and trends especially in the field of modern technologies and innovations.