Teams are working on their ideas

Within 54 hours, as provided in the rules of Startup Weekend Prishtina, teams must transform their ideas from the stage of simple business ideas into a final product or service ready for market

Ten teams with interesting and innovative ideas that are competing among themselves to win three main awards, started working on their business ideas during the second day of the third edition of Prishtina Startup Weekend that is organized at the ICK premises.

Teams and their business ideas

– Nauka: This team plans to open an online course for students who need to pass exams in programming. Initially, the group is planning to make a website and a web application where all the interested would register. Nauka consists of three members: Lavdim, Betim and Rrezart. All of them are developers.

– Teachers: This team wants to create a webpage where interested people can register and learn English but also others that want to learn Albanian can register. Members of this team are Endrit, Ensar, Eriona and Besart. Two team members are programmers, while others deal with the content, design and marketing.

– Spare parts: Exchange team is planning to create a web portal which will sell car spare parts online. Spare parts may be new or used. This team includes Petrit, Valmir and Kreshnik.

– Mjeshtri: The idea of this team is to provide online service for the purpose of connecting people with different profiles of handy men. The website that will be created by Mjeshtri team will allow people to communicate directly with different handy men. The team has three members Oket, Shpend and Lirak. These three members have shared the work for this product, in designing the webpage, preparing the business plan and marketing.

– Sofra: This team has 6 members. The idea of ​​this team is the development of an application for mobile phone users on how they can prepare their food. The application will offer options what and how to prepare food. Members of this team are Esat, Agoni, Astrit, Genti, Liridoni and Mëmëdhe.

– Agile AD: This team is planning to create an advertising platform for a smartphones that adapts according to the application. Idea of ​​this team is to target people with ads depending on the place where they are located through GPS. This team has three members.

– Techie Desk: Techie Desk team has three members. The idea is to have a help desk where people could hire sub-contractors that will carry out different jobs to a newly opened company. This website is dedicated mainly to works that are considered as technical. This team consists of Ardian, Bleona and a third member.

– Check my Bus: Idea of ​​this team is to install GPS at each urban bus in Pristina so people could be informed in which station is the bus that they are waiting for. This idea will be presented through a smartphone application.

– XIIK: This team aims to create a 3D game for mobile. The game is called Janine. Team consists of Learti and another member.

– Academia: This team aims to create an online platform for lessons through various online audio-visual materials, as well as providing exercises in PDF format. Academia team consists of Dorian, Doruntina, Agon and three other guys named Durim (all three have the same name).