Teach For Kosova aims to bring talent to the education sector

Egzon Gashi, Dardan Hajrizi & Edita Memisi came back to Kosovo (from the US & Great Britain) to help the improvement of the education sector.

Teach For Kosova aims to be a non-profit organization in Kosova working to ensure that all students in Kosova have access to a quality education – regardless of social class or ethnicity. To accomplish this, Teach For Kosova will recruit Kosova’s most driven and promising future leaders to teach for two years in Kosova’s highest-need schools. These fellows will receive two years of training from Teach For Kosova staff and join a global network of over 60,000 individuals who have completed similar programs around the world.

In the short term, Teach For Kosova aims to bring talent to the education sector. In the long term, Teach For Kosova fellows – and alumni – will make up a collective leadership force which will work to eliminate inequity and expand educational opportunity through education or any other sector they choose to pursue upon completion of the fellowship.