SyncLab – the first Kosovo startup to offer 3D social experience through Augmented Reality

SyncLab future looks tremendously promising and exciting, on their path of building an accessible, user friendly and cost effective AR platform.

SyncLab is the newest and the only Kosovo startup to explore visualization, content and engagement in the field of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Rated on Top 60 among 350 applications, SyncLab was selected to be part of one of the largest accelerators in Europe – Startup Hub Warsaw.

The founders of this startup Shkumbin Kabashi and Labinot Bajrami, are working on building their AR platform, through the help of their team members and adviser Alan Greenberg (former education of Apple). Have you ever thought of holding skyscrapers, solar systems and galaxies in the palm of your hand? SyncLab is making magic happen while rethinking the relationship that technology has with people using engagement in the third dimension. The AR team is using computer algorithm and sensors, to allow spotting current position of physical objects rendering information in the form of virtual objects or content, including text, graphics, video, sound, GPS data etc.

This platform is intended to be used in a variety of markets such as architecture, healthcare, education, real estate etc. As VR and AR are becoming the hottest trends in the marketing and advertising industries, SyncLab has a great potential to be one of the most prestigious companies in the field, helping companies increase the engagement with their customers. Today, largest tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Samsung are investing billions of dollars in developing AR and VR technologies. The AR/VR revenues are set to rocket from £4.2 billion in 2016 to more than £130 billion in 2020 according to research from the International Data Corporation.

Shkumbin, one of the SyncLab founders says “The main company mission is to help businesses promote their products and services, while allowing them to show individuality with more engaging creations than standard media content.” He explains how one of the biggest pushers towards their mission is Innovation Centre Kosovo, where their current office is located.  He elaborates how ICK has provided a lot of opportunities such investor meetings and consultancy services on business plan, business model and finances. Furthermore, they have had the opportunity to attend many conferences held in ICK including events, activities etc. Through ICK help, the team has been able to be part of the biggest and most influential startup conference in the Alps- Adriatic region PODIM 2017, and other startup events such as Get in the Ring Tirana, Startup Battle etc. Uranik Begu, ICK Executive Director says: We at ICK are always looking young talented teams, that are ready to take risk and change the world we live in. SyncLab is one of those companies that uses new technologies to open new opportunities for sectors like education, healthcare etc.

The team is pouring a lot of ideas on their AR platform to make it more interactive for the public and currently they are building an additional feature called visualization button. Through a tap on a smartphone or tablet this button seamlessly displays a realistic rendering of the product in the customer’s environment in real time. Beside AR platform SyncLab, a team of product, design and development masters are already building successful mobile applications used for phones, tablets and other smart devices. This team of new ideas along with creative minds, offers exclusive products and outstanding user experience while helping businesses on scalability. SyncLab future looks tremendously promising and exciting, on their path of building an accessible, user friendly and cost effective AR platform.

Author: Rita Vula (ICK’s official blogger)
Copyright: Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK