Symbolt: Freeing Creativity from Manual Work

Time: the adversary of every creator’s workboard organizational skills. Often, it is because people lack time that they abandon a good idea and that doesn’t exclude completing a project without feeling the deadline breathing down your neck. Symbolt lets people have the best of both worlds; finish creative designs on time while also making sure the content is the best it can be without mess!

Using an impeccable recipe with ingredients like design and psychology, founding brothers Leart and Elion Zogiani have come up with a practical method of getting stuff done in the design industry!

The inception of a software as a service that helps companies and businesses revise designs and products much quicker without damaging the coded craft of the designer in the source material itself has the potential to revolutionize the pace and quality of entrepreneurial work by as much as 15-30% varying upon the project bulk.

Coined by Elion Zogiani, the company name formed as a hybrid of the word symbol (as it represents something timeless, valuable and respected) and the good ol’ lightning bolt (representing the increased speed of an unattainable majestic force).

In any given task of projects where a designer works and an editor intervenes the content portion, the designer’s work may be tarnished and remakes become part of the job process. Instead of bandaid solutions like splitting the work or holding saturated meetings for every intervention about a product, Symbolt applies a streamlining process that enables efficient fast-paced editing and simplifies B2C relationships, capabilities and overall work procedure.

Reaching out to companies worldwide, this creative brotherly duo aims to apply the product as a digital outsourcing tool while also adding in the human factor on both sides of the fix.

Starting out in the Virtual Incubator category at the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) and then debuting their excellence in the StartUp Yard Acceleration Program in Prague with marketing, pitching, financing, advising and connections as benefits, 2,000 emails have been slowly accumulated in that networking process for the company to have a wider spread of reach to distribute their product.

The product is in the Alpha launching phase currently and as it goes, glitches and impracticalities are replaced with perfected functional elements that make the product pleasantly time-saving to use.

Ideas of such great heights can be a heavy weight to carry and keep up to as it climbs the ladder of success faster than the creator can sometimes keep up, pushing the founders to flex their resilience muscle and become almost as efficiently hardworking and communicative as their product itself.

“While there is a stress component nestled within the work, it helps us grow” confides Leart Zogiani.

The responsibility claimed and the emotional input thrusted upon this line of work has created a parallel between the product’s purpose to always strive to evolve and the healthy humane character of the creators to make sure they never stop moving and always take a leap of faith.

Such sentiment is shared within the motto, “Freeing creativity from manual work”.

To allow something to become what it can become without being bound by its circumstantial limitations. Such is the spirit of Symbolt and should be the tip in a buyer’s decision to select Symbolt as an outsource. Time and work can never become too valuable to use. Not in the face of creation.