Support your business idea through the Innovation Centre Kosovo

Turn your commercial idea into a profitable business. Grow your existing business. Apply online to compete for support of your business from the Incubator in the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK). The Incubator supports entrepreneurs and businesses with mentoring, consulting, training and access to office and conference facilities.

What is the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK)?

The Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) is a fully equipped facility for entrepreneurship and business development with a special focus on information and communication technology (ICT), including computers, software applications, internet, mobile and web based applications, databases, etc.

The Innovation Centre Kosovo offers incubator services, training, consultancy, access to local and international networks, and matchmaking with local, regional and international partners and buyers.

What is the ICK Incubator?

A core part of the ICK is the Incubator, which provides an engaging environment for commercialization of viable business ideas, as well as visibility in the market for both new and existing companies.

Incubator services

All the necessary expertise to turn your commercial ICT idea into a profitable business.
Market-oriented and professional consulting, mentoring and training.
Modern office facilities in a creative and business environment in the center of Pristina.
Access to local and international networks.
The Incubator provides pre-incubation and incubation services, depending on the experience of the team and level of development of the business idea.

Who can apply?

If you have a great ICT idea with a commercial market and want to start your own business.
If you already have a company which has been operating less than 2 years, have an innovation ICT product or service, and want to expand and grow your business.

Incubator Admission Process

1)    Submission of an application (phase 1)

Public call is open from November 19, 2014 to November 30, 2014.

In this step, the candidate must fill out the online application form at The application can be submitted in Albanian, English or Serbian.

2)    Preliminary evaluation of the business ideas (phase 2)

The Admission Committee will make the preliminary evaluation of the submitted applications according to the selection criteria.

3)    Business idea improvement – Trainings/Consultations (phase 3)

If your team and your business idea meet the necessary criteria and are selected, you can have a chance to further improve this idea, working with professional consultants and trainers from the ICK. This provides you the opportunity to be better prepared to give a final presentation of your business to the Admission Committee.

4)    Final evaluation of the application (phase 4)

After all the previous phases are successfully completed, the remaining candidates will be invited to give a final presentation of their business idea. The ICK Admission Committee will make its final decision on who will enter the incu­bator or receive incubator services. The final decision will be based on the admission selection criteria, which includes the quality of the business idea, product or service, experience and commitment of the entrepreneur or team, commercial market potential and opportunities for growth of the business.

Application and the required information

The application can be submitted in Albanian, English or Serbian language, and can be downloaded at All candidates that meet the criteria for preliminary evaluation (2nd phase) will be contacted and additional information will be requested.

Note: All documentation provided to the Incubator will be kept confidential and will be used only for applicant evaluation.

After the ICK Incubator receives and analyzes requested documentation, applicants will be informed about the evaluation outcomes and further steps.