Startup Social Venture Workshop: The Escapades of Visionaries, Episode 1

So much creative energy, such little time on this earth. But were making it count!

As shared and celebrated by the Innovation Centre Kosovo in partnership with UNICEF, the Startup Social Venture Workshop is here and ready to appear. With 9 teams of brilliantly innovative people solidifying their ideas to help the community via startup businesses with the aid of competently selected mentors who guide the innovators’ steps closer to completion.

After careful selection of startup applications, the staff made the preparations necessary to make the Workshop become beautiful reality.

Civilian engagement in improving the social layer of Kosovo is crucial as the best help for the people is the people themselves. With topics and issues rarely given the spotlight in a tech savy driven community, there is always lesser regard for mental health, poverty, wealth and equality, global warming, proper and equal education, passion projects and community support for segregated and prejudiced communities. Much like a Nutri Bullet Mixer with mega horsepower, many issues become ingredients for a stagnation smoothie, so to speak, and slow down the process of a society’s prosperity.

The aim of the program is to tackle those issues with practical and gorgeously creative ideas with cool remedies and fascinating prototypes, all of which will be evaluated in the final day once the whole scheme is planned and hashed by the teams; our population’s figurative heroes. The key to these ideas and the work put into them is the new methodology and design applied to it all to make everything not only good, but new.

Much effort, passion and precision was extracted by the organizers in partnership with UNICEF awesome-sauce staff to make this event the excellent turnout it is.

Graced along with our work was the impromptu visit from the Ambassador of Sweden in Kosovo,  Karin Hernmarck Ahliny, delightful and marveled at our engagement.
People of all places and of all experiences get to connect and synchronize concepts to astonish not only their peers but every future person that will benefit from their addition to the entrepreneurial world and the real world, together.

With full bellies, full minds and full hearts, lunch marked the end of team games and warming and diving right into action and shaping their ideas into presentations.

Awaiting the weekend with all its fruition to make the dream complete.

by Dora Tarani (ICK)