Startup Energy Boost recipe: Tech Boost Program!

After achieving the giant first step of becoming a startup, ICK is cooking the recipe for success and serving it to them. Mentoring, advice and all the other tools are the next big step into implementing the change you want to see in the world.

Tech Boost Program is a combination of international and local mentors who are giving wings to entrepreneurs that want to soar and accelerate their startups by learning how to use those wings.

Year after year, a foundation of support has been given to startups that have joined ICK, with deep commitment and a dedicated partnership formed on both sides. Other than the internal services, startups have been part of the Pre-Acceleration Program providing concise guidance via mentors special to the startup’s peculiar field.

The so-called Tech Boost Program continues to prepare startup founders with knowledge, tools and contacts to gain early market traction and successfully raise capital. The package includes boosting activities that have given way for networking and promotion as well as participation offers to conferences and activities on an international level.

What makes these tools of elevation so excellent for startups is the ability to execute it all online! Especially in this time of pandemic quarantine, never has an online education feature been more important and needed.

The aforementioned online mentoring and coaching sessions are provided to 9 selected startups through a tailor-made platform delivered by our partners Startup Wise Guys. New learning units are presented on a weekly basis including Pitching skills, Customers and Product Development, Fundraising and Investor Relations, Sales techniques, Captables and Legal Basics, Company Fundamentals and numerous Q&A sessions.

Intensive weeks of lectures are ahead for FindBug, Enchele, Trudo, Jiroo, Nerdy Creative, DFuture-Digital Chef, Deinde, AEP Innovation, and ICONA. A perfect opportunity to flex those business muscles after almost a whole month of entrepreneurial atrophy!

A special thanks goes to the local mentors who are contributing to accelerate and turn these startups into success stories: Art Shala, Driton Hapciu, Leonora Kusari, Alim Halimi, Visar Dobroshi, Erris Veliu, Liridon Shurdhani, Veli Hoti and Vigan Budima.

Pre-Accelerator program powered by the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) – Entrepreneurship Academy & Startup Wise Guys and supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Pristina.